Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Love Mail!

Yesterday and today have definitely been red letter days in the mail delivery department at our house! WooHoo!
This is the piece that thrilled me most yesterday:

It's called a biscornus and it was designed and stitched by my wonderful blogger friend Eva. You can read more about these and see more of Eva's fabulous work

I had been gifted with two large bags of wool batt from my friend Molly's Mom, Judy, and since I knew that Eva prepared wool batt for her biscornus, I decided to share my wonderful gift with her. (Judy raises sheep and then when they are shorn, she has this wonderful batt. All of the lanolin feels so good on your almost hate to cover it up!) How thrilled I was to receive this biscornus in return! And since I'm doing so much more hand stitching these days, my gorgeous biscornus will get a lot of use! Here are two more views of it:

Also in the mailbag was a package containing a gigantic silk screen and squeegee from Pocono Screens. I can hardly wait to get started using it! Last but not least was a package from Dharma with some wonderful cotton scarf blanks. I'll share pics of these once they are dyed up.

And today my new laptop arrived! YAYYYYY!!!! So now I've got to finish up this post and go play with my latest new gadget!



Carol said...

What a beautiful gift - and the link to more of Eva's biscornis (wonder what the plural is?) shows just how talented she is. And a new laptop! No wonder you're saying YAYYYY!!!! Happy playing. OX

Carol said...

Sorry, biscornus - and I still wonder about the plural so I'll have to Google it to find out. Love to Barker. xxxxx

Carol said...

Sorry to be hogging the comments but it seems you can have one biscornu or two or more biscornus - obvious really I suppose. Now I've cleared that up for myself, I'll go away. xx

Gerrie said...

Wow!! What a great day. Beautiful work by Eva. How large a screen did you get?

Corryna Janssen said...

You lucky girl :-). I love the pin cushions. I think they would also be nice in a larger format, to sit on them. And now you have so much blank material, you can get wild. I will follow what you will make of it. Enjoy your day, the goodies and the things you bought.


Elizabeth said...

I am borrowing Matthew's laptop again, to keep up with some blogs! Tom came home last night and by 8 am there were two cpu's open on the floor with drives spilling out all over! Seems that the hard drive failed!!!!!ARG!!!! Not sue what we have lost that is of any importance it will be mostly my pictures....SIGh!!Do monthly backups!!! thank goodness that I have the blog that I can retrieve my best pics from!!

Your new pincushion is glorious!!
HAve fun with your new computer!!

Jeannie said...

I'd bake my mailman some peach pie if he brought me treasures like that! The biscornus is gorgeous. Eva is so talented. How big a screen did you get? Hugs to Barker and C. Cheers.

Joyce said...

Wow! Are you sure it's not Christmas already at your house????