Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Party's over :-(

I'm kinda sad because the Shibori party at Nancy Crow's Barn in Baltimore, Ohio is over. My flight was scheduled to leave a little after 4 yesterday afternoon, so I hitched a ride to the airport with Sonia, one of my classmates. Our final presentation and critique was scheduled for before lunch, we enjoyed one last meal prepared by the fabulous Margaret, and then we packed up and departed. It was difficult to leave this fun group. What a fabulous bunch of ladies!

The piece below is the result of the fabric that Donna was wearing in two pictures here

isn't that phenomenal? I just love that piece of fabric!

Here's a piece that I labored over for several hours on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?). First, it was pleated, then it was sewn to the pipe, then scrunched, then tied, then dyed, then dried, then immersed, then rinsed, then washed, then dried. Phew! I do love the piece!

and here is my li
ttle quilt, with all of it's components organized and ready to be stitched together:I really love it! So, if you want to learn how to make some fabulous Shibori, sign up for a class with the true Master: Jan Myers-Newbury.............she's the best!


Joyce said...

You got some gorgeous fabrics from that class! I am very impressed.

Beverly said...

Looks like you learned enough to keep you busy all winter! Keep posting your progress on that gorgeous quilt--

Heather P said...

Judy, I enjoyed meeting you. Your quilt is fabulous! And the class was a blast. Can't wait to see what other shibori you dye...

Gerrie said...

Yowza! Love the labored over piece and your shibori quilt!!

Carol said...

The quilt is beautiful and that large piece is stunning. What a great workshop you've had. XO

Jeannie said...

That has to be the Bo Derek of shibori fabric! Way to go Judy! Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric. Was Barker glad to see you?

Elizabeth said...

i LOVE YOR GOLDEN YELLOW?ROYAL PURPLE PIECE. It could be a wall hanging as is!!
Your quilt piece is wonderful! When i looked at the close up I thought that each piece looked like a different colored bed of capillaries- fascinatingly glorious. Hope that you don't mind the medical reference- maybe it is because we hqve juswt finished wqtching two episodes of HOUSE!!!!
I would love to learn to do this type of dyeing- which that I could afford a workshop like this one! Someday!!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. I love each and every piece you shared today.
Don't tell people how great Jan is (and she really is) or her next workshops will fill before I have a chance to sign up again!!!

Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

Terrific that golden piece. I have to try the method. Was the last dyeprocess untied and immersed or?
I apologize that I did not see your great top from the Barn until now. I just love the colors and the composition. You really work hard with your fabrics. I get influenced.
Tomorrow Friday I don't work,that means studiotime and not disturbing on the door!!