Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scenes from a Classroom

This was Thursday, Day Four, of our five days of Shibori with the very talented Jan Myers-Newbury. I thought I'd show you a few scenes from our classroom, and some of the clowns with whom I've been clowning around for the past few days. What a great group of gals!

This is how my favorite pieces looked this morning when I arrived in class:

Someone or somebodies had neglected to deconstruct 'the bar' after last night's toddy party

We each had our own commodious wall space upon which to hang our work. If you enlarge the pic below, you will see that this is Jan's work:
Aside from being a great teacher and oh so very talented, she is extremely organized and bound and determined to get everyone's desired dyes mixed in a timely fashion so that pieces can be processed. She 'works' like a well oiled machine.....and we all are so appreciative!

This is Donna, one of our many class clowns:

And this is 'Christmas" as we get to view our finished pieces for the first time after they've come out of the dryer:

Here is Wendy.............a horrible picture of a lovely Texan: lovely inside and out, plus a very talented fiber artist!

And this is my piece as I left it this evening...........thanks to a little help from my friends! I may move a few more pieces around in the morning, but I'd love to get a good bit of sewing done on it tomorrow before I go home.



Gerrie said...

Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy! I'm loving the colors.

connie said...

I love your piece and the colors are incredible. Looks like such fun.

Jeannie said...

Excuse me as I clean up the drool off the keyboard... gorgeous doesn't even seem adequate enough to describe your artwork. Oh my, I love what you are creating. Way to go Judy!

Corryna Janssen said...

That structure on the fabric: wow! How did you manage to get it? And the colours are so bright. I love it.
It always makes me so happy to take part on a course/workshop. It gets me so inspired. And as I can see and read, it does the same for you.


Joyce said...

That workshop sounds like a blast. I love your results. I have to get to a dyeing workshop soon...

Diana Parkes said...

I look forward to seeing your piece finished in due course Judy. Well done!

Carol said...

Just lovely Judy, and I like the combination of pieces. The colours really sing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh My Goodness! this is glorious!!!!