Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time, Time, Time

The changing of the seasons reminds me of the old Simon & Garfunkle song Hazy Shade of Winter. I'm not sure where the past few days have gone: we've enjoyed several fabulous dinners in Atlanta, a baseball game, a dinner party with friends, and our weather has turned cool: Autumn is indeed here!

I've completed yet another Be Sweet Feather and Fan Scarf. This is knit from a thicker Alpaca yarn, is very soft, and promises to be cuddly and warm during our winter months.

Now I've started on this lovely Noro Scarf, using a pattern that I found on Jared Flood's Brooklyn Tweed blog. It's also very addictive, as the color variations in the Noro Silk Garden yarn are so luscious.

C and our friend Bob have totally finished up their work in my dye studio: the window is installed, the electric lines are new and improved AND I've begun to paint! I chose a lovely lemon yellow for the walls, and it makes it very cheery and bright! I'll post some pics when I'm done.

I have my second cataract surgery early this afternoon, and a photography class mid morning: a good way to be distracted while I cannot eat and drink! Now Barker and I are off to walk the golf course.



Joyce said...

Good luck with the surgery.
Fall is my favorite season too. The bright colors are just starting here.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I hope the surgery went out well. Please keep us updated!
I also like the autumn with its high and clear sky and the change of colors in the nature.

Kram Eva

Anonymous said...

I hope your surgery goes well and that you can see perfectly once you've had both those cataracts removed. Good luck!
Carol (SIL)

Jeannie said...

We will have to call you Ms. Sparkly Eyes! I hope the surgery is as successful as the last and you will be knitting with spider web yarn. Cheers.

Gerrie said...

Will we be able to live with you having tow eyes that see every thing? Hope it went well and that you are now home seeing even more fabulous things.

Jeff Hickmott said...

Hi Judy, good luck with the surgery! Speaking of Simon & Garfunkel, I was poking around a thrift store earlier today (just the sort of thing I could spend hours doing, hunting for treasures) and i came across a box of old 8-track tapes, one of whicj happened to be the album 'Bookends' by S&G, which of course, contains the track 'Hazy Shade Of Winter'! Isn't that spooky? We must be connected on some weird level.

connie said...

I hope all went well with your surgery. Sounds like you have been a very busy woman. I would love to feel these knitting projects they look so soft.

Take Care and rest up.

Elizabeth said...

So your surgery is done!!! i hope taht it went as well as the last time!!! The knitting projects that you are working on look so yummy- I just love the NORO silk yarns!! When temps get cooler I get the urge to get out the knitting needles- I need 48 hours in every day to do all of this fun stuff!! i am off to the Montpelier Fiber and Wool festival tomorrow to cuddle some soft sheep muzzles and stock up on felting fleece and whatever else strikes my fancy!!

Hugsto you!!

Eva said...

Wonderful colors of the wool! Hope your operation will go well. And that you will be able to see perfectly what's in the snail mail for you soon.