Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dying to Dye

We arrived at the condo yesterday afternoon, skirting rain showers as we drove into the city. The weather seemed to develop just north of town, so we felt lucky, as we had plans to meet friends for a glass of wine, and were hoping to do so at an outdoor cafe. We were greeted by this lovely view of one end of the rainbow just over the Botanical Gardens.

We enjoyed a lovely couple of hours reconnecting with a childhood friend of C's. Quite amazingly, she had contacted C's sister on Facebook, and then I got in touch with her. Although she doesn't live here, she has children here, and just happened to be coming for a visit this weekend. So, her children and grandchildren indulged us all for a couple of hours while we yakked about old times. Her Mom and C's Mom were the very best of friends, and we were all young marrieds at the same time, often getting together for dinner when we visited C's Mom. How we still miss those Great Ladies! What a legacy of memories they have left us!! We agreed that they both would have been Mamas for Obama, and are smiling down from heaven these days!

Since I am attempting to make this blog more fiber related and my dye studio is still under cosmetic repairs, I will share with you my latest knitting project. Actually, I have two pieces going right now, but, you know me by now! This is my "Stained Glass Triangular Shawl', knit with the lovely variegated Poems Sock Yarn by Wisdom Yarn. Can you see the triangular construction? It is so much fun to knit, as the variation in color makes you want to keep knitting and knitting!



Gerrie said...

Where can I find the pattern for that. I love the color change.

Elizabeth said...

Great Rainbow picture and I am so glad that you ahd such a wonderful visit with old friends!!! I love your phrase Momma's For Obama!!! youa nd I definatley qualify for that as well!!!!
Love your yarn here and looks like a great project !! Can't wait to see it finished!11 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! We are finally getting rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eva said...

Love this naive crinkly stitch!
Judy, thank you for your sympathetic comment. By the way, I'm working on a surprise for you...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to get together with Pammy. I assume you saw the photo of Rosalie and my mom that she found. If not, I can email it to you. I also assume that you read the article on Leonard Cohen in the Aug. 24 New Yorker. They like him!
Carol (SIL)