Sunday, November 08, 2009

ahhhhhhhh: silk!

Here are my first silk scarves completed since my Shibori class with Jan Myers-Newbury.

I'm very pleased with their outcome, and hope that you will like them too! The process is all so new to me, and the colors are always a surprise, but Jan says that even after 15 years of working with this technique, she is still surprised, so I guess I have a ways to go! It's like Christmas every time a piece comes out of the dye bath, and then again out of the washer. I'm all for that!

It's a gorgeous day here, with clear blue skies, a slight breeze, and temps in the low 70s. I'm heading outside to do a little Fall tidying up in the garden, and then off to our church for an evening music program.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day as well.



Jeannie said...

Gorgeous silks! I bet they shimmer in the sunshine. Speaking of which, would you send Mr. Sun back our way for a while? I am so happy that you are having fun and creating such beautiful fabrics.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Thanks for sharing your shibori work. It's gorgeous.
You must be soooo happy, and it shows.

Eva said...


imquilternity said...

Those are gorgeous scarves!

Gerrie said...

I'm trying to click on them to see them larger - not working. Did you do the underpainting on these? They look beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

i HAVE Got to figure out how to do this!!!! I ahve just volunteered to be the programs coordinator (along with another gal) for my Fiber arts Guild, so I think that I am going to bring someone in to teach us how to do Shibori dyeing!!
These are glorious- great Christmas gifts if you can bear to part with them!!

Joyce said...

You've really been on a roll since that class! They just keep getting better and better.

Elizabeth B said...

Wow! These are beautimous. I'm taking her Shibori class at ProChem in spring and can't wait!

Karoda said...

The scarves are very lovely...I'm thinking that if we ever meet in person it will be at the Crow Barn :)