Saturday, November 07, 2009

and more homework

........and so my odyssey and love affair with Shibori continues! I am hurrying through my chores, obligations, and appointments every day now, just so that I can eek out a precious couple of hours to spend in my dye studio, creating more and more patterns on silk and cotton. I'm totally obsessed. I'm passionate. I'm in love......and my dear husband is patient with my latest infatuation! Phew!

I only have a couple of pics to show you today, but just wait 'till tomorrow! Here are two pieces of cotton that came out of the dye bath a couple of days ago, but didn't get photographed until yesterday's morning light....and not posted until this evening......ah, how life gets in the way!

the halos in the top piece are magnificent, but they don't show up too well in the photograph. And then the piece below is really special, with the darker lines appearing almost as black in person.
I hope you don't think I'm bragging when I say that the pieces are 'magnificent''s just that one never knows how these things will turn out when they go into the dye bath, so the outcome is always a surprise, and always a gift from the Dye Gods!

Hope the gods in your life have been especially kind today!



Eva said...

Judy, how lucky you are to have such "love affairs"! I know how they make you come alive. In uninspired times, I miss that feeling! Your shibori turns out great, the second one is just stunning -- and why not call magnificent what comes as a surprise, what comes along like heaven sent, this rhyme was purpose-wise.

Elizabeth said...

Glorious work!!
I want to know what you think of my monoprinted trees- but that means that you must stop by my blog!!