Thursday, November 05, 2009

Home Work

I have had two lovely afternoons with no obligations, and my muse has been calling, so I listened to her and obeyed! After all, isn't it necessary that I play with the knowledge that I learned last week at the Barn? Thank you: I knew you would agree! Our weather is lovely: as one local broadcaster said, we are having our October weather in November....and I am loving it! The skies are blue, the air is clear, and the temps are lovely: in the mid 60s in the afternoon. Here are two pieces of Shibori that I completed yesterday:

The top/darker piece has a definite purpose, while the lower blue/red violet one was sheer whim. I'm tinkering with some of Jan's dye recipes and making up some of my own concoctions...and I like them!

The piece below is one that I started in class........simply a mechanical resist with jar lids. Jan mixed up the olive green dye bath.

Yesterday I overdyed the then white circles in a pale blue, and today I wrapped the piece and stuck it in a green dye bath............and it turned out dark blue! I love it! C says it reminds him of the dark woods in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! We cannot remember the name of the woods...can you????



Jeannie said...

The Western Woods near Tary Town in the valley known as Sleepy Hollow. You are doing Jan proud! Gorgeous fabrics. Keep having fun!

Gerrie said...

Cool!! I love that last overdyed piece. Gives me an inspiration. Guess where I am?

Eva said...

Beautiful. Seems you really conquered this technique!

Elizabeth said...

Your fabrics are glorious!!! Must learn this technique!!! The green one reminds me of an early full moon rise!! Glad that you are getting some play time!!!!

Margarita Korioth said...

What beautiful pieces you have created in the workshop; thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

In the story the dark woods are called dark woods. M and I would pass Sleepy Hollow when we'd drive from NJ to Rockywold. I hadn't realized it was a real place!