Sunday, November 29, 2009

In and Out of Town

We spent the night in the city last night, taking in "An Education" at Midtown Art Cinema followed by Sushi at Silk, which is conveniently located in the ground floor of our condo building. The movie was thought-provoking, but somewhat disturbing. The Sushi, on the other hand, was delicious as usual.

While at the condo, I felt the 'need' for art this morning and recalled that my buddy Gerrie had discovered a wonderful sketching app for her iPhone, so I found her blog post recommending Doodle Buddy, and loaded it onto my new toy. It's a lot of fun to use, and I'm sure that this morning's introduction has only just whet my appetite.

Another new dining establishment has opened right across the street from our little condo:

We've been eagerly awaiting the Concentric Group's Bakeshop, since first tasting their divine pastries at Piedmont Park's Green Market. YUMMMMM! Yesterday we enjoyed a little lunch there on the patio, with Barker in tow. This morning we picked up Danish and coffee after our morning walk through the neighborhood. I am looking forward to next summer when we can read the paper on their patio and enjoy their breakfast fare.

Barker is doing much better today! Thank you all for sending along your best wishes....they meant a lot. We've had two nights of very good and much needed sleep, and he has regained his appetite. Phew!! We had a very pleasant evening walk on the golf course at about 5:15 PM. The moon is once again almost full:

The sun is setting so early now, but I am reminded that in another three weeks, the daylight hours will slowly get longer again!



Gerrie said...

My two favorite days - the longest day of light and the day after the shortest day of light!!

Eva said...

Doodle or dye -- no doubt, it is your style. Have fun and show more!

Carol said...

Doodling looks like fun - on your phone - what next! Oh I do hope Barker is feeling better. So hard for him, so worrying for you. Lots of hugs to him. OOOOO

Mary V. said...

Thanks for the hint about Doodle Buddy. I went straight to the App Store and downloaded a copy. What a hoot!
Glad the little man is doing better...