Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jag är en Svenska flicka!

Yes, indeed: I am a Swedish girl! While my lovely Swedish cousin Eva does all in her power to help me with my Swedish speaking and my Swedish cooking, I must admit that this morning I had to resort to the Google translator to get out the simple sentence "I am a Swedish girl", and to Ikea for the Swedish pancake and waffle mix! Oh well, at least I try, eh?

We had a very fine walk on the golf course this morning: 48 degrees and not a golfer in sight! Barker was his usual well-mannered self most of the time, and so I was in a good mood and suggested that I tackle the Swedish waffles! I don't think I've made waffles since our daughter was still living at home (and that was always from scratch!), so it's 12 years! I'm surprised I could even find my trusty old waffle iron!

The mix made life very easy, but it was tough waiting for the waffle iron to heat up and then for the waffles to cook! But, boy oh boy, were they ever good! While the box suggested that the waffles be topped with lingonberry jam, I'm afraid that I was doing my level best to use huckleberry syrup!

We do have lingonberry jam........but it's at the condo, and we're not! Maybe next time, I'll incorporate a bit of prior planning into this foray into Swedish cuisine!

Have a great weekend!



Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

I can feel the smell of the Vafflor and lingonberry. We use to , specially my husband bring home more than 100kg every year. I use to call my husband a bad name lingomani,I think you would understand without translation.
About Stieg Larsson I just want to tell you that thre are to more books to come in English. you can read about his life.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Your waffles looks very good, but I think I would have done mine from scratch. There use to be so many E-numbers, and so on, in the ready-cooked food, but with this waffel mix I don't know. Haven't seen it at IKEA here in Sweden.
Yes you really are a "svensk flicka". To 50% anyhow =)


Gerrie said...

I had waffles with fresh blueberries, but they were Van's frozen wholewheat waffles with q00% pure maple syrup from upstate NY!!

Have a great week-end!!

Karoda said...

Ummm, looks delish...I have never attempted waffle making but I have enjoyed the ones I've had on occassion made by others.

Carol said...

Oh Yum! That's made me so hungry I have to go find some breakfast. Nothing as interesting as waffles, sadly. OX

Anonymous said...

So I guess My Friend Flicka really means My Friend Girl??

Elizabeth said...

You have sparked some wonderful memories of my Svenska grandmother standing for hours making flask pankoka- incredibly thin, silver dollar sized pancakes in a special heavy enamel pan with little round depressions in the pan. My cousins and I would sit around her and each of us would get a panfull- about 8 little cakes, add butter and syrup, cut the little stack into 4 bites and inhale. Then we would have to wait for more till she had served the other's- Scrumptious agony!!!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday!!