Sunday, November 15, 2009


We are enjoying some glorious weather! I couldn't resist getting out my camera and snapping some pics yesterday.


Money Plant (almost all spent!)

and more

and a wonderful sunset over the lake, to end our day

Hope it's beautiful in your corner of the world as well.


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Diana Parkes said...

Yes, it is pretty good in my part of the world. Spring flowerings almost over as we move into summer, although weather hasn't been too 'hot' just yet. Lots of wind, sometimes direct from Antarctica!

connie said...

Your world is really nice but I have to say I have a good one too. It is nice to have so many wonderful things that make our worlds visually appealing. ENJOY!!! and thanks for sharing...

imquilternity said...

Lovely photos! Photography is wonderful isn't it? It allows to stop and really see the beautiful world around us.

Eva said...

A new angle to see Echinacea from! Didn't recognize it. Beautiful red berries!

Carol said...

Yes, my corner of the world is really beautiful too, getting hot though. The weeds are loving it. Sorry to hear about the spamming, so unfair but what do they care? Won't stop me from leaving a comment...

Gerrie said...

I miss nandina which was rampant in North Carolina.

We have switched weather again.

TextileTraveler said...

The weather was beautiful here in Central Texas this past week, too, and the Canna lilies and roses in our yard were blooming like crazy, but now it's turning gray and overcast and a cold front is supposed to be coming in. Sigh. Of course, here it could be gorgeous again in a week, so I'm not too upset about it :-)

Jeannie said...

I love Echinacea and I am determined to get it to grow here! I finally was able to get Nandina to grow and love it's beautiful structure and berries. Have a great week. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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