Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Morning Walk

As many of you know, Barker and I take a lovely morning walk on our nearby golf course several days a week (and C takes him on the mornings that I do not, so he gets a good bit of exercise). I have often wished in the past that I had my camera along so that I could share with you some of the beautiful inspiration that I find in those early morning hours. Well, my new iPhone has accomplished just that! We've had a rainy couple of days and the leaves are falling like mad, so the cart paths are adorned with some beautiful monoprints.

I just love this leaf.....and tomorrow its print will be there on the cement:

the pine needles leave interesting prints

ah, and a doggie paw print adorning a leaf print
there's that doggie!

one of my favorite views across our lake......looks like we may have a sunny day!

I had just a few free minutes to putter (aka clean up) in the dye studio yesterday. Here's a piece that I'm currently working on:

My Monday morning ritual is helping my Mom with her laundry and enjoying breakfast with her: they make the best biscuits and grits in town! MMMM!!!! While her clothes are in the dryer, we manage to squeeze in a few games of Dominoes.

Mommy finally beat me at this game! Doesn't she look fabulous for 92! The very interesting and unique painting behind Mom was done by Lola, one of her artist friends. Lola still exhibits at the Quinlan Art Center.........I want to be like Lola and my Mom if I ever have to grow up!


'Elizabeth B' asked after my last post, if I had added the gold in one of the scarves before or after the Shibori. Before! That scarf was dyed and painted a year ago, and I never got the color that I wanted, so I thought I would further experiment with it. I really love it now! Welcome Elizabeth! It appears that you live rather nearby in the big scheme of things. I wish you'd email me sometime.


Gerrie said...

Your mom is incredible! I have been noticing the leaf prints when I go walking, too. How is Barker? Guess he survived his tummy troubles.

Carol said...

Lovely photo of your Mom, I know how much you treasure her. I understand biscuits (we call them scones) but what are grits? Hugs to Barker OOXX

Jeannie said...

Your mom is beautiful, you must take after her. :) Barker is handsome as ever. Love the leaf prints and belated happy anniversary!

Eva said...

Lovely to take a walk with you! And what a great printer nature is.
Your Mom looks wonderful. They were a strong generation. Mine would be 90 next year if she was still alive.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

What a remarkable woman your mom is. I would never have believed she was 90.

reaton said...

Your mom is one beautiful lady, Judy. Bet she enjoys your time with her. . . . . and vice versa.


p.s. you are one good photographer!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Your Mom locks so lovely. Not a day over 70!
Tomorrow, the 29th, we are celebrating her cousin Sune's 90th birthday.
Give your Mom a hug next time you see her!!!