Sunday, November 22, 2009

Technology Aboundeth!

I could also title this post "Life in the Fast Lane"! Phew: it's been a whirlwind past few days! Almost all good, but definitely wild! Poor Barker has been sick with a gi need to elaborate! I think we've finally gotten to the bottom of that (no pun intended!), and he is now, thankfully, on the mend. In the meantime, we were celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary, so had plans to spend a few nights in Atlanta......not fun when you live on the 14th floor and have a pooch with the trots! UGH!!! But we rose to the challenge and Barker was a real good sport, allowing us as much advance notice as possible.

We dined out a lot, visiting two new (to us) Midtown spots: Atmosphere and Lupe (which is quite new); and reacquainting ourselves with an old fave: South City Kitchen. Atmosphere was once a home, which has now been converted into a charming French restaurant, and we loved both the escargot and the mussels....not to mention the company of our daughter, while her husband was out of town on business. Lupe is a fantastic Mexican restaurant, which is just across the street from our condo...........and the Margaritas (along with everything else that we sampled) are quite nice:

South City Kitchen is an old favorite of ours, but we hadn't been there in years....and we were not disappointed. They serve incredible southern style food with a modern twist. I enjoyed the vegetable plate, which included mac and cheese (yes, here in the South, mac & cheese is a veggie!) with cauliflower added; roasted root vegetables, and Brussels Sprouts that had been sliced very thinly and sauteed. MMMMMM!

We walked to the High Museum one morning and took in the new Leonardo da Vinci exhibit and also that of Atlanta's own architect John Portman. I was pleased that the High chose to show not only Mr Portman's fantastic structures, but also his paintings. What a talented man he is! That afternoon we walked to the Midtown Arts Cinema and saw "Precious". When it comes to a theater near you, make sure you see it!

Oh, I almost forgot about the title of this post! Duhhhhhh! I think I mentioned a few weeks back that C had purchased a new laptop for me. I'm still struggling to get that baby the way I want it! LOL Last week my cell phone contract finally ran out, and I got an I'm having a ball playing with it! (all of the pictures on this post were taken with it....the camera is quite good!). When we arrived home yesterday, a new printer was waiting for me! ;-) It's a wireless Epson.........and it's great! So, I think I'm good to go for a while now!!!!

My love for Shibori continues! If I'm not in the studio, I'm dreaming about future projects. Even though we were having a wonderful time in the city, my mind was always wandering back to dye jobs that I wanted to try when I got home. Here are two scarves that I finished this afternoon:
the one above has gold metallic in it. It is crepe de chine and about 45" square. I love the plum, green and gold combo!

This one is very yummy too: a combination of chartreuse and blue violet.
here's another view:

and this is a piece of cotton that will back my "Barn Dance for Francine" class quilt:

Hope you've had a stellar past few days!!!



Carol said...

So pleased Barker is on the mend. What a thoughtful boy he is. Hugs to him please. As usual your scarves are divine, no wonder you're so hooked on Shibori.

Eva said...

These scarves are just adorable.

Joyce said...

Happy anniversary. Love the scarves.

Elizabeth B said...

I am blown away with the scarves... (and counting the months until I get to do this workshop). They're incredibly beautiful. Did you "add" the gold after dyeing (or was it already there when you dyed...)? Happy belated anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Huge congrats on 39 years!! Glad that you had so much fun in the city- you make me jealous!!! your scarves are wonderful!! Do you know this gals teaching schedule- would love to catch her workshop if I can, soon!!
So glad that Barker is better- I ahte it when mt pets and kids are sick!! It is so hard on everyone!!
Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I didn’t really understood what was wrong with Barker, but what ever it was I’m glad that he’s ok again =)
Happy anniversary to your 39 years of marriage, I hope you will have 39 more!

Bertil and I are celebrating our 37th wedding day in February next year. So we are not so far behind ;-). Next summer it’s 44 years since he and I met each other :)

Your scarves are beautiful. I love the colors. Especially the one at the first picture.


Rayna said...

The scarves are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a lovely/lively anniversary. Glad it was happy.