Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello, Remember Me????

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged.........we're all so busy this time of the year! Thanks to all of you who emailed to make sure I was still alive. It is very nice to be missed!

I decided that my Mom needed a little art therapy last week, so when I visited her I brought along paints and card stock, so that she could paint some of her Christmas Cards. After protesting that she wasn't an artist, we got busy and she did a great job! And you can see that she really was having a good time!

Terry Grant has posted her Chile Verde recipe and one day last week, I had a hankering for some. I had misplaced her recipe and found a slow cooker one online that seemed to fit the bill. Look at all of the jalapenos that went into it!

MMMMMMM: it was so very good! I've now found Terry's recipe and will make it the next time. Since it doesn't get done in the slow cooker, I can prepare it in the afternoon, which is more my style.

Barker and I have had some interesting and frosty walks this past week. One morning was so windy and rainy I thought for sure we were going to be blown into the next county! Sheesh. We have had something like 18" more rain this year than the average....and they are forecasting more for later this week. YIKES!!!

Do you know what this is? I'll send a fat quarter of Shibori fabric to the first person who guesses correctly.

Now, I know you can figure out that this is a frozen dandelion. Can you believe that all of these pics came from my iPhone? Pretty splendid gadget, that iPhone!

Ahhhhhhh, yumm yummmm:
We were back at our favorite Bakeshop for breakfast last Saturday. Is it any wonder I can't drop a few pounds???? Anyway, we just about drooled on the pastry case when we saw that pie....but it was breakfast time, so we were somewhat saved!

Here's the Challah French Toast that I consumed:
I did scrape off the whipped cream after I snapped the picture!

Later that day, our daughter and I went upholstery fabric shopping at Forsyth Fabrics. She wants to have two club chairs recovered.

Forsyth is a wonderful place, and I just love to go there. Even though it was the week before Christmas, I didn't mind meandering through the aisles upon aisles of delicious textiles! Oh no: don't throw me in that briar patch! LOL! Our daughter, on the other hand, cannot stand any sort of fabric shopping. She always insists that there is entirely 'too much estrogen' in those places for her! I guess she was fortunate, because we were about the only folks in there that morning....everyone else was Christmas shopping or staying home trying to keep warm!

She spotted this lovely fabric.
The salesman who was helping us was kind enough to carry the huge bolt over to their 'staging area' and tuck it in around a chair, so we could get a general idea of how it would look. That is a clever idea, don't you think? We really liked it then, so we ordered up the yardage and then split for some lunch.

And one last picture. I snapped this last night as C and I were watching a movie:

I guess Barker had exhausted himself yesterday, and Elsie was totally disgusted with him! Isn't he such a clown!

Now I need to get back to some decorating and wrapping!

don't forget to tell me what you think that above picture is!



Sue said...

pine needle stains on concrete?

God Jul!

Carol said...

I have no idea what your photo is. Not a close up of your gorgeous kitchen bench? Taken with your iPhone it could be anywhere - you're right about the quality of the photos being good. Do love that photo of Barker and Elsie, and it really shows what a big boy he is. Happy Christmas to you all, and to your readers. Carol xxx

Gerrie said...

I was about to text you this am. Thinking about you cause, I am getting ready to look into sinus surgery. We do not let Barker on the sofa, what a prince Barker is!!

That looks like a rock or a closeup of a concrete statue.

Elizabeth said...

Well I figured that you were practicing your paddling skills cuz the creek done rise!! We got 22 inches of SNOW!!!! How cool is that!! We never lost power and had no place to go!! Didn't see a plow till this morning and the kids had school cqanceld for today and tomorrow> That cramped my style. Love that picture of your Mom - everyone needs art therapy!!! I ahve to start wrapping gifts for family but all my mailing except Cards , is done. I am waiting for a bunch of things to come in the mail however. not sure when we will see the mailman!!
I am going to guess driftwood of some kind for that mysatery pic!!
holiday Hugs!

Eva said...

I was confident that Xmas preparations keep you from blogging. It did not feel like something to worry about.
The picture mystery -- looks like the stone garment pleats from a statue, perhaps a cemetary angel?
Merry Xmas to all of you, also your adorable Mom.

Terry said...

Hope the Chili Verde was good! Your mystery photo looks like a closeup of marble floor or countertop.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Your Mom looks very happy, and healthy. I'm sending lots of Christmas hugs to her.
I'm not able to figure out what's in your picture. I leave that to someone else =)
Kristin's club chairs will look lovely when they are recovered. After blue this lime blossom green is my kind of color.
Why did you scrape of the whipped cream? It's the French Toast that you gain weight from, not the whipped cream =)

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Jeannie said...

Your Mom looks like she was having fun. Great idea, Judy. I really like the fabric for the chair. Now the picture, hmmm. You caught a close up of the cellulite on my thighs? How about water prints in the sand by the lake? Have a wonderful Christmas and much love and happiness in 2010.

Diana said...

Have happy holidays with your family and loved ones. I made Sandbakkelser (sp?) cookies in honor of meeting you, Birghitta, and Gunilla in class this fall. The family really likes them!

Diana said...

OOoops! Gunilla tells me that the Swedish cookies are properly called Sandkakor. Please, anyone of Scandinavian descent, please forgive me. Anyway, I have to find more molds because the people who ate my version want more, more, more... All you artists, Swedish or not, have a great holiday with your families and loved ones.

Diana in Ohio