Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter in the City

We were back in the city yesterday for a bit of R & R. Our first stop was for a late lunch at the Bakeshop. How can one resist?

My salad is called "Panzanella", which is a typical Tuscan bread salad. It was amazing, with wonderfully fresh aurugula, roasted beets, housemade croutons, and pickled onions, a taste so divine I want to return for more NOW!!! And the coffee is oh so good........I like mine with lots of steamed milk and a bit of raw sugar and cinnamon.

Here's another view of the pastry case.

After reading yesterday's AJC food section, which contained a very nice article about Cacao Atlanta in Inman Park, we decided we needed to stop by. Besides, we were going to be just down the street at a couple of other cool shops. Here is the entrance to the chocolate shop, or should I call it Paradise?

When you walk through the doors, the aroma is almost intoxicating! MMMMMM! I couldn't decide what to order, but C helped me out by suggesting the Azteca Aphrodisiac Hot Cocoa:

Oh it was yummmy.............and was it truly an aphrodisiac?.......I'll never tell!

One wall is decorated with wonderful antique chocolate molds.

Next we stopped at City ISSUE, a great shop specializing in mid 20th century furnishings.
Since we are of that vintage, we felt like we fit right in! Seriously though, this furniture is perfect for our home, and we are considering purchasing several pieces. Have a look at their wonderful website.

We also spent some time at At the Collective a wonderful gallery featuring work by local artisans. I wish I had snapped some pictures there, but I was too busy checking everything out. I know we'll be returning to all of these places often!

Here is the second of a pair of socks that I'm knitting from the toe up using that wonderful Poem sock yarn:

It's great yarn and I'm loving the new directions that Dr. Sock has shared with me. Check the pattern out here.

Thanks for stopping by!



Carol said...

It may be winter but sounds like you are having a great time investigating new shops and eateries. So impressed that you knit your own socks and I love the colour. XXOO

Gerrie said...

I gained 2 pounds reading this!!

Joyce said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to visit Atlanta for the food and shopping! Especially the food!!

Jane LaFazio said...

what a totally fun day! and that chocolate shop, oh my!

Elizabeth said...

You need to think about posting a warning or at least providing a drool cloth when you do posts like this!!! That Hot Chocolate sounds like the kind that the gal made in the movie Chocolat!! YUM YUM!!!!
Sounds like you ahve been having quite a time in Atlanta!!

Karoda said...

It just hit me why I enjoy your "city" reports...when I think of getting away for R&R...I think country, rural, less traffic, less people and your take is a little on the opposite. kinda yin-yangish :)

Jeff Hickmott said...

I was reading in Eat This, Not That! that the ultimate "aphrodisiac" foods were not champagne and strawberries (yet many people seem to associate those things with love) but in fact, dark chocolate (the darker the better) and vanilla bean ice cream! Hurrah! Just what I always suspected! Bring on the sundae!

Rayna said...

You ought to change this blog's name to Judy inthe Restaurants.

I am doing this UFO thing to distract myself and it is almost working.

Have a wonderful Christmas!