Tuesday, January 05, 2010


another very cold day here. BRRRRR While Barker and I were walking this morning, I was thinking about people who are homeless, hoping that they had found shelter both over night and during this bitterly cold day. Every Tuesday my husband heads up our church's feeding program for the homeless and he often tells me of conversations he has overheard amongst the clients: where they spent the night last night and where they are hoping to spend the night tonight. I am always amazed when I hear that they are sleeping 'in the woods' or under an overpass. I know that sounds naive on my part, but I just can't begin to imagine it. I am so thankful that we have warmth and comfort, but my heart goes out to those who aren't so fortunate.

I snapped this pic from my sewing room at about 5:30 this evening

as you can see, the hummingbird feeder still has a block of ice in it from last night. I don't believe our temps ever rose above freezing today, and I hope a hummingbird flying off course hasn't had to take a frigid sip from my feeder! There is one lonely female cardinal on the Droll Yankee feeder........as soon as I took her picture, she dove for cover in the shrubbery. Our lake is beginning to freeze over, and C has just come in from the patio and tells me that our pool is beginning to freeze over! This is pretty extraordinary!

This afternoon I spent some fiber therapy time going through my shibori fabric from my class with Jan Myers Newbury, trying to find bits to add to my quilt's binding. I was about 90% successful, but know that I will have to dye a few more pieces in hopes of duplicating pieces in my quilt.

Well, darn! I just hate the thought of doing more Shibori! LOL I have looked over some of the pieces that I created in class, plus those that I dyed when I returned home, and I know there is at least one more quilt in there....and I'm eager to get started!!!

Barker spent the better part of today at the beauty parlor.....poor, poor baby! He adores Brenda, his groomer, and is always excited about spending the day with her. I miss him while he is gone and it is always so wonderful to see this handsome guy come bounding through the doors after his play day away! He wears himself out at Animal House, and is now fast asleep in front of our fire



Carol said...

Oh, the cold! It's really more than I can imagine and the thought of the homeless folk sleeping "out" is dreadful. We are truly so fortunate. Poor you, having to do more Shibori! Strangely I don't feel all that sorry for you, knowing how something wonderful will emerge from your labours. Bless that hard working Barker, bet he looks just gorgeous with his newly groomed persona. XXOO

Gerrie said...

Come on up to balmy Oregon. We hit 50 today!!

Scooter's coat is about 1 and a half inches long now. He looks fat!! But he is nice and warm for the winter.

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Judy, new to your blog. Yes we have a lot to be grateful for as we retire to our comfy beds, with a roof overhead. I suppose it's a lesson in not taking our comfortable existence for granted. In Melbourne, we are not experiencing the cold but rather the other end of the temp range, although yesterday and today haven't been too hot - pleasant. I see you are a dog lover too. I groom Zulu, into his lion clip, the traditional clip for a PWD. Wishing you many blessings in 2010.

Jeannie said...

I am so thankful for our toasty home and the warm quilts that keep me warm (plus the "cat packs" for added warmth). My heart goes out to those without and wish we could solve this problem. Gerrie really should share some of that Oregon warmth and send it 200 miles up river! LOL! Keep warm and I'm so sorry you are going to "have to" do more shibori!!! Cheers.

Elizabeth said...

This cold is getting pretty tedious and I ahve been thinking the same thoughts as you about folks who have no homes. There is a large homeless population in and around Fredericksburg and many of these folks don't wnat to come in for shelter. They ahve "camps set up in the woods, but they can't be doing well in this long term cold!!! We have taken a load of collected coats into several shelters and they ahve all been full. I wish more folks would realize how much we all ahve and try to reach out!!
Oh Darn! More shibori??? How can you bring yourself to do it???? Sorry but your whining is not holding any water here!!! LOL!!! Have fun- Can't wait to see!!