Monday, January 04, 2010

OK: You Win!

I have thought long and hard about your outcries to NOT cut up the quilt that Robin gave to me this Christmas. I really thought that it would make a nice skirt, jacket or vest, as the bindings are missing and so many of the blocks are not in such great shape. That said, I also began to realize that:
1. cutting up any vintage piece goes against all that I believe, and I would have commented similarly to you, had I been reading the comments on another's blog
2. the fabric in this quilt probably wouldn't withstand much wear as a garment
3. it will be admired more as a decorative element in our home

So, here she reclines, enjoying the indirect sunlight of our foyer, the warmth of our old church pew, and the company of my vintage crazy quilt.

I finished the machine quilting on my Shibori class piece late this afternoon! YAYYYY!!!!

Free motion quilting is one of my favorite things to do, so it was a true labor of love. I listened to a lot of NPR podcasts while methodically filling the blocks, and the sun flooding through the large windows in my sewing room warmed me on otherwise extremely chilly days. Now I have to get busy piecing the border, which will be some challenging fun.

Jeannie asked how Rayna's Miso Soup was: delish!!! MMMM I enjoyed another bowl for lunch this noon. Tonight I made her Mushroom Barley Soup in the pressure cooker. It was also very tastey and warming.

Now it's time for some knitting!!!



Terry said...

I do hope you will enjoy your vintage quilt intact. It reminds me of a basket full of vintage quilt blocks I bought years ago and put together. Those soft, worn shirting fabrics are so evocative. Your shibori piece is lovely.

Carol said...

I can't add much to Terry's comment because I think you quilt looks beautiful on your church pew and of course I'm in love with your shibori piece. I know you had to give the quilt a lot of consideration and I'm sure that either way would have been a good decision for you. But it does look so nice there in the gentle sunlight. XXOO

Joyce said...

Good decision on the quilt, esp since I think it wouldn't have worn very well or washed without falling to pieces. It looks like it belongs there on the church pew.

Eva said...

Did you try to hand quilt some of your shibori? Wonder what it would look like. This is great, too.

Elizabeth said...

Your Shibori piece is wonderful and I think that you made the perfect decision about your vintage quilt!! i ahve tried to creat clothing from an old quilt and it was a disaster from stat to finish- it actually made me feel sick as once I ahd cut inot it it really started to shred!!
Warm sunny windows in Winter truely are life savers!!!