Thursday, January 07, 2010

snowy day

thanks to all of you who left a comment about your sleeping habits. i had been concerned about my own problems until i read how common it seems to be for many of us to wake in the middle of the night/morning and have a difficult time going back to sleep. as the old saying goes, misery loves company.

i think it just plain looks cold in this picture, don't you?

the ice on the surface of the lake has increased, and i was interested to see how our visiting buffleheads and hooded mergansers dealt with this issue. after all, these guys leave colder climes to winter here, where it's supposed to be temperate. I hope they won't up and leave for better weather farther south, as i really enjoy watching them.

the early morning sky

just as the weather center had predicted, the snow began to fall shortly after 1:00 PM. it really was pretty. this is the view from my kitchen window

we didn't have much of an accumulation, but I am afraid that with below freezing temps, the roads will be a mess in the morning. this is the view from our front door

i made our old favorite fanny farmer cookbook recipe for fish chowder for dinner tonight. i do use the salt pork that it calls for, but i have switched from real cream to the fat free cream. not really sure if that is an attractive alternative, but it does make me feel better.



Carol said...

Your photos are beautiful but they do look cold. It will be close to 90 (32c) here tomorrow but some parts of Australia, and in fact where my kids have gone for the weekend (with all those little children), is going to be around 95 (35c). Stay warm. XXOO

Karoda said...

Note: make friends with Carol.

on the chowder, have you tried leaving out the pork and keeping in the real cream? or could (i typed cold the first time for could...subliminal freezing???) anyway, could you substitute a smoked turkey leg for the pork?

Diana said...

Hey, Judy! I tried smoked turkey leg in navy bean soup, and it worked just as well as pork. I have been thinking about you, especially since our news program this morning showed clips of drivers in the Atlanta area smashing into each other with cars slipping on the black ice glazed streets! Hope that you and your loved ones are not having those kind of difficulties...

Studio Sylvia said...

Gorgeous photos Judy.
There you are with your freezing conditions,which I can't imagine, while we sweltered in 44 degree C temps. cool change has arrived with a smattering of raindrops. Here's hoping we get a downpour during the night.