Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow and the Charmeuse Chemise

this was my view out my sewing room window yesterday morning

a few grazing deer would have made it perfect, eh?
we had an extremely slippery walk with the hound, along the icey cart paths at the golf course. after about a half mail, i cried uncle and prevailed upon my better half to abandon all hopes of finishing the walk. it was bitterly cold, with the winds making the windchill factor close to 0, so we turned around and headed home, thankful for no frostbitten digits and/or broken hips.

this is the silk charmeuse chemise that i finished on thursday afternoon

you may recall it in a previous life here
i was not happy with it, and thought i could perhaps do better adding another layer of midnight blue. i'm very pleased that i took the leap!

here's a view of the back
hope you are either staying warm or cool, depending upon what corner of the world you reside in..........i hate ending sentences with prepositions, but so be it! it is a rip-roaring 29.5 F here now at 1:30 PM YIKES!!!



Corryna Janssen said...

What a great texture on that top. I love it.

Elizabeth said...

Your silk slip is glorious!! Love that color and the shibori changes it completely!!!!!Must be a bit nippy in your dye studio but the windows must help a bit!!! This cold and snow has just got to go!!!!!

Carol said...

Was that the piece with the turtles? It's absolutely gorgeous, you must be the best dressed woman in town! Take care in that slippery world of yours, no broken bomes for you, C or B please. XXOO

Eva said...

...not happy with it? Did you go out with nothing else on? I can't think of any other reason.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous chemise! I love the visual texture you are creating with the shibori. Keep warm and toasty!

Studio Sylvia said...

I like the chemise Judy. Read your earlier post about not being able to sleep. I went to bed at 11.30 pm. Got up because I couldn't sleep. It is 1.12am. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I received your two comments.