Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ahhhh: it's warm!

We were up bright and early this morning (the sunrise was beautiful!) and managed to fit in a quick breakfast at our beloved Bakeshop.
Chocolate almond croissant for me


The drive south along I-75 is pretty boring, so I took out my knitting, turned on the iPod to listen to more of our latest wonderful book, and just enjoyed being, and also being with the man I love! Every so often I'd look up, and this was what was beside me at one point
While enjoying my croissant and coffee, I'd read about Gretchen Rubin's new book, The Happiness Project, in today's Sunday Times. I checked it out a bit further on my iPhone during the drive, and armed with that, I was counting my blessings and feeling all warm and cozy...even with giant tires flying by beside me!

We stopped for lunch in Valdosta, GA at this barbecue joint

my lunch of a pulled pork sandwich, fried okra and creamed corn (I didn't eat the bun and felt almost virtuous)

and then we were on to Florida, and then Ocala, and then Paisley (hmmm: I like the name!)

We registered with our group, inquired as to nearby hiking trails, and then took off to stretch our legs and see what we could see before dinner.
bear tracks

that was a bit disconcerting!
We walked amongst a lot of very charred woodlands (the haunting remains of a fire just two years ago) and I snapped a lot of pictures of the charcoal monuments to man's carelessness and disregard for nature

Then it was time for dinner, introductions, and a overview of tomorrow's schedule.

Right now I'm missing home and this guy:



Gerrie said...

I am sure Barker misses you, too. That pulled pork lunch - oh, I miss that. Have fun.

Rayna said...

Oh, I was just reading an article about The Happiness Project in yesterday's Times...and how happy the author is that her book is a best-seller.

Enjoy your vacation!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Welcome to my part of the world!
You must have passed within a few miles of my house.
Enjoy real Florida before it all disappears.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your pulled pork sandwich also came with an order of cole slaw! Yum! Have a ball and see lots of birds!
SIL Carol

Anonymous said...

hi from shibori on-line class.... you know those tires? they could inspire a quilt or some wacky folded shibori, couldn't they? i think even a quilting design or stitched shibori.... you just never know where inspiration will come from! have a lovely trip..... be safe...crazy drivers in florida!!!

Elizabeth said...

Your trip sounds Delish so far!!!!I hope taht you ahve awonderful time- stay away from the bears, be safe and relax!! i am sure that Barker is missing you too but hopefully he has some doggie pals to play with to make the time pass quickly!!! i hope that you get to see some fabulous birds and I am looking forward to the pictures!! you must tell me when you get home, of any signs of the primroses??? They should bloom for you this year!! Fingers Crossed!!! Now off to check out the Happiness Project!!!
Big Hugs and hello's to Craig!