Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art Date

I work out at the Brenau University Gym three days a week, and am very fortunate to also have access to their wonderful art galleries, which are within easy walking distance of the gym. So today I took myself on a little art date to see two new exhibits: "The History and Techniques of Printmaking" in the Sellars Gallery and "Melissa Harshman" in the President's Gallery. I am intrigued by all methods of printmaking and found that exhibit, which featured selected works from a private collector, to be very informative and pleasing to the eye. Next I went upstairs to view the very colorful and playful works of Melissa Harshman, who is an associate professor of art at the University of Georgia. You can read more about her here.........and be sure to check out her Jello Prints!

I spent the afternoon feverishly dyeing some lovely silk for another shawl, which will be donated to the annual Gala at the Quinlan Art Center. I thought I had loads of time to finish that piece, but Paula called me yesterday and said that they were supposed to have received my submission no later than last Friday! YIKES!!! Where is my head these days?? The Gala isn't for another couple of weeks, so she said she'd hold a spot for me and procure a model for the shawl. I have promised to deliver it no later than Friday. Nothing like working under a bit of pressure here!

After a couple of almost spring-like weather, we are back into the arctic temps. OUCH!!! I did see one of my crocuses trying to show its face yesterday, but I'm afraid the frigid temps have scared it back into hiding.



Gerrie said...

The Jello prints are hysterical. I thought you meant she had printed with Jello!!

Caroline said...

I would love to see the Jello prints i person to examine the process. They are great prints - and now I want some Jello!

jerry said...

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