Monday, February 22, 2010


At the very last minute (did you know that I am impulsive????), I signed up for an online Shibori class with Glennis Dolce, aka Shibori Girl. She is using Colorhue Dyes, and those suckers have intrigued me for a while, so I thought, 'why not?'! I've already learned some pretty neat tricks....but can I put them to their greatest advantage? I just don't know. The Colorhue dyes are incredible in that you simply swish your fabric around in them, rinse them in clear water, and voila: you are done! No steaming, no batching. YIKES: Life is indeed Good! The drawback is that they are quite costly and a little bit goes only so far. That said, I can see how wonderful they will be for use on silk scarves!

So, here are a few samples from the little bit of time that I carved out of today for my creativity

Do you use Colorhue Dyes? If so, what do you think? Are you a Shibori Girl? What dyes do you use and on what fabrics, and how do you set them?

I hope you've had a great day and thanks for dropping by!



Gerrie said...

Well, you know that I do and love them, right? Someone else to check is Marlene Glickman:

You should sign up for her newsletter.

Carol said...

Fascinating! I'll try to keep up with you while I'm in NZ but I'm sure I'll miss reading you each day. OOXX

Jonadele Fashions said...

Judy, I tried to leave you a reply on my blog, but couldn't figure it out. I didn't put the pole in the microwave as it is too long. The 24 hours set the dyes. I did learn that the dental floss did not act as a resist and my second color did not show up. I haven't gotten to the Colorhue yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

Eva said...

So this is shibori, too? What a versatile technique! Looks just great!

Anonymous said...

glad you are enjoying the class- as with anything, it takes some practice to get the results you are looking for. as you work more with the dyes you will figure out what sorts of things they work best for in your world.

Rayna said...

Gerrie beat me to it, but I was going to say that Marlene Glickman uses Colorhue dyes.

Shibori seems to be making the rounds this week in blogland.

Gunilla Sundström Sweden said...

Dear Judy,
many thanks for your lovely Valentine card. Thanks for your inspirating blog and you are really persistent in your work. I am sure that you will end up doing some great things.