Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It seems that I'm slacking off on the blogging lately. It's been easy to get out of the habit, but I'm going to try to mend my ways! I've been busy enough....and busy enough to make me just want to plop down in my chair in the evening and pick up my knitting.

That said, here is a piece of deconstructed screen printing that I finished last week.

I love the colors and the unpredictability (is that a word?) of the design. I had prepared the screen easily a month before and then got busy with other things, so it was left to dry for a very long time before it was printed.

Speaking of knitting, here are the finished socks from the wonderful Tofutsies sock yarn that Diane sent me

They were great fun to knit, and taught me something about myself: I am so easily bored! After knitting the first sock toe-up with the design only on the leg, I decided that no two socks need to be exactly alike, so I incorporated the design on the foot on the second sock.....far more interesting to knit! Stay tuned for progress on my next pair, which I started a couple of days ago. I don't know about you, but I cannot sit idle in the evenings while we watch a movie. Our knitting group is going on a field trip to Athens tomorrow. I can't wait! Should be lots of photo ops there.

I snapped this picture of our 'Big Blue' one day last week.

Our poor little canoe launch has buckled terribly with all of the rain that we've had over the past few months. I was not happy when the pine fell into the lake either, as it sort of made a mess of our view, but 'Blue' loves it. He perches on it every day, looking for fish and defending his territory, which makes it fun to watch him. You ask why we don't remove the fallen tree? Well, our little Lake Knickerbocker is an Army Corps of Engineers lake and we are not allowed to do so, unless of course we wish to incur a hefty fine!

Well, I'm off to screen some silk Valentines for the First Friday affair At The Collective. Hope to see you there!



Barbara said...

Judy, I love how your screen printing came out. It looks so organic. I hope you will post pictures of your silk Valentines. I love seeing handmade Valentines.


Gerrie said...

I want you to come and spend a week with me so you can help me get started with deconstructed screen printing. You can bring Barker and C and they can hang with Mr C and Scooter. I think this is a wonderful plan.

Carol said...

Oh, I missed you! Your deconstructed screen printing is fabulous - I need to see more of that please, and I love your socks, now unmatched. Good for you, proves you're an artist in all you do. What a lovely photo of the lake and "Blue" - he looks very happy there. I'm sure he doesn't want you to incur a hefty fine either. Going out to work in the garden now, not as hot as earlier. Very hot & humid most days, so different from the cold and snow I read about daily. Stay warm, hugs to Barker XXOO

TextileTraveler said...

Lovely screenprinting! I've been wanting to try the deconstructed version for a while but haven't gotten to it. You're inspirational! I'm not a knitter, but I am on a crochet tear. We're out of room for afghans so in the last couple of weeks I've made 3 shawls and about a dozen cotton dishcloths. Now really, who needs or uses crocheted dishcloths? It's out of control.

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love all of the texture in that deconstructed print!!! Why oh why don't we live closer??? I want To come over and play!!
We got MORE snow last night- 4 more inches on top of the 12 we got last Saturday with more on the way for Friday!! Enough already!! Kids out of school again!! Matthew got his forst college acceptance letter yesterday for his Second choice school!! Life is good!!