Tuesday, February 02, 2010


My friend Pat wore a most magnificent cape when we were together a few months ago. I was totally captivated by it and asked if I could borrow it to make a pattern similar to it. Well, the holidays got in the way, and I didn't finish (or even really start) it until yesterday! But here it is:

I've named it Salsa because not only is it spicey, but so is Pat, its new owner! It's a bit brighter than I had originally intended, but I have decided that I wouldn't be happy with anything even a bit more bland.

Most of the edges are either selvedge or finished with a silk rolled hem, which I stitched on my serger before dyeing, so there are only the shoulder seams to be sewn after dyeing. I love it! Here I'm auditioning the shoulder seam threads, which are visible after construction is complete

This is Salsa's back

and here's a detail shot

I'm really thrilled with it, and hope that Pat will love it at least half as much as I do!

I spent a lot of time yesterday screening silks for Valentines. Some are done on habotai, but the ones above are all done on hand-dyed silk organza that has been screened over and over again. They will be on sale At The Collective beginning this Friday.



Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

That cape is beautiful! I love the colors.

Gerrie said...

That is really yummy!

Diana Parkes said...

Your Salsa is fabulous Judy. Your friend will be delighted. Well done!

Jeannie said...

Salsa is hot! (Channeling my inner Paris Hilton.);-) I can imagine swirling into a room and feeling elegant in the cape. Pat will love it, I am sure. The Valentines are beautiful. Hope you're having a great day.

Carol said...

Salsa is just stunning! And I love, love, love your Valentines, they look frameable. XXOO