Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Another Play Day

The last of my dye sampling is complete! YES!!! I easily spent a couple of hours rinsing and ironing these pieces this morning, but am so happy to have this exercise behind me. Since rayon, cotton and silk fibers all take the Procion MX dyes differently, this was an interesting comparative study for me, and I think that the results will be very valuable to me in the future. I was eager to compare the Pro Chem and Dharma Turquoises, since I had dyes from both sources. They are in the center of the above photograph and as you can easily see, they are almost exactly the same! I really will use the silk samples, and found that the rayons are just glorious.....but then I pretty much knew that!

It continues to be unseasonably cold here (the wind chill was 8F when Barker and I walked on the golf course this morning.....it was bitter!), so last night just felt like a soup night. I got out Rayna's Mushroom and Barley Soup recipe, cooked it up in the pressure cooker, and then added some chopped up chicken and spinach. Don't ask me what to call this, except delicious!

And what should appear in this afternoon's mail:

loverly coasters from my friend Amanda. She wanted to take her daughter to see "Mama Mia" at the Fox (which is only a few blocks away from our condo) so C, Barker and I walked down there one afternoon and picked up the tickets for her...........just call us TicketMistress! I love the coasters, and they will be great in our condo! Thanks Amanda!!!

Happy Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday!! Our church youth group traditionally hosts a pancake supper, and it's always lots of fun with great decorations. We also had play tickets for "The Beaux' Stratagem" at our local college theater alliance, which happened to be playing just across the street at Brenau University. The performance was great, and I found it even more fun since I work out at the gym with the little gal who had the lead. She was phenomenal....and I felt as proud of her as I would if she were my daughter!



Jeannie said...

Dang, it is like you moved up here and it's December! Did Barker even want to go out? Love the dye samples, great eye candy. Keep warm!

Eva said...

The coasters are cute! And the dyeing must be fun.
Fat tuesday... the last day of luxurious eating before the fasting season starts. A good idea! It is Asian New Year. Early spring is liver time in Chinese Medicine.

Diana Parkes said...

Hi Judy: I hate to have to tell you this but you have only just started on your dye experiments! My challenge to you is to now start combining varying proportions of dye colours to make a whole new set of colours. Of course proportions have to be documented so that in future you can repeat a specific outcome. Unfortunately (!) this type of experimenting never has an end, but can in fact be hugely beneficial. LOL!

imquilternity said...

Good for you! I just love dyeing fabrics, but I just don't have the patience to test them all like you did. I'll bet it was fun! I'll have to try silk and rayon...haven't done them before!

Teodo said...

Your fabrics are BELLISSIME (wonderful).
Sorry for the recipe......I'm in diet.
ciao ciao

Carol said...

Wish I'd remembered Pancake Day but too late now. Not that I'm organised enough to cook anything interesting at the moment, but my mother was a crepe expert and I have such happy recollections of pancake day through the years. We had many pancake feasts during the year and pancakes were one of the few things I would willingly cook as a teenager. XXOO

Elizabeth said...

Good for you for taking on such a task!!! I am sure taht it will be incredibly helpful to you as you continue on your dyeing adventures!! We should ALL do such chores but only the best true addicts ever due!!!!
WE have barely started to melt up here and today is the first day that we have seen the sun in several days!!
Hugs E
BTW,Yes!!! I am calling you a Dye Addict!!!!