Monday, February 15, 2010

Testing: 1,2,3

This afternoon, I spent several hours completing my dye tests. Phew: what a job! Tomorrow, if time allows, I'll rinse all of the fabrics and iron them. (But it's Shrove Tuesday and there are

pancakes to be et!) I've already found the testing to be helpful in my dyeing, so I'm really glad that I'm doing it. It would be wonderful to take Carol Soderlund's dyeing class at Nancy Crow's Timber Barn, but as much as I adore Carol and taking classes at the Barn, that just isn't going to happen in this lifetime. So I will struggle along on my own and 'do it my way'! Oh, almost forgot: Elizabeth B commented that she'd like to hear more about my comparisons of the dyes from Pro Chem and Dharma. Well, I thought that I had made a 'final decision' this afternoon after sampling the last 23 of my Procion MX dyes. It really seemed that the Pro Chem dyes mixed more easily, and that the Dharma powders were perhaps a bit finer, but 'clumped' together more when mixing, thus taking longer to get them into solution. (Pardon my scientific terminology here!) However, all that said, when I mixed up a couple of 'extras' at the end, for further study: Pro Chem's Burnt Orange and Fuchsia, they were equally as ornery as those from Dharma! So my conclusion is that I have not come to any conclusion! Sorry!!!!

I'm not sure why it was so easy for me to upload my first scarf tying video, and why my second attempt (last night) was so difficult, but hopefully this third attempt will work like a charm. So, without further ado, here's Jennifer demoing (is that a word????) a great scarf 'tying' technique using a little bangle bracelet:

Many thanks to Jennifer for agreeing to appear on the blog! Isn't she cute! She's French, you know, and has the most wonderful accent!

Thanks for all of your great comments over the past few days! Thanks for bearing with all are so great!



Beverly said...

Sounds like you have been doing a lot of work in the dye studio. I'll probably never make it to the Crow Barn, but Carol S. will be coming to SLC the summer of 2011- my surface design group contracted with her. Can't wait!

Looking forward to more posts and photos about your results.

Gerrie said...

I would or could never do the dye sampling because I don't think I would use it. You know that I love the serendipity and surprise and don't think I would ever have a need to repeat a color. But, that is me and I applud your diligence!! XXOO

Carol said...

Of course we are all bearing with you - you make it sound like we are all being brave - when really it's just such a pleasure to visit you. Now, was that your voice on the end of the video - the last few words? I'll have to listen again, but I don't think it was Jennifer's French accent.

Jane LaFazio said...

you're a regular Scorcese of the video directing world! ha!