Thursday, February 11, 2010

MMMMMM: A Great Day!

Today was just the day the Dr had ordered! MMMMM: YES!! Barker and I had a great, although chilling, golf course walk; I had time to read my favorite blogs over a delicious cup of coffee after breakfast; and then I got started with my fibers.

This is the latest wavy silk yardage that I'm working with

And here's how the Sulky Solvy project is progressing

I think that I will have a semi finished project to show you tomorrow....stay tuned! Can you tell what it will become????

I met with my clients/friends this afternoon and we discussed more logistics of the aforementioned commissioned silk wallhanging. We are all excited about it, and we have now determined its finished dimensions, by first choosing the hanging device and then hanging a piece of butcher paper in the space where the wall hanging will reside. We first figured out the width we/they wanted and then we worked out the finished length. I've never been so focused on details before, and this is a good discipline for me to adopt. We've also finalized the kind of silk they want, so now I can order the appropriate yardage and begin dyeing. WooHoo: the fun begins here!!!!

Late this afternoon I finally finished the dye samples from the first half of my Procion dye inventory. YIKES!!! What a riot of color

This process has already been helpful in determining the correct dye to apply to the third layer of Arashi Shibori on a new scarf. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it for you tomorrow. Did you notice the absence of blue here? I have so many blue dyes, that they will take up almost the entire second dyeing session.

And I've decided to make a few of these little fru-frus from some silk snippets.

Aren't they cute! I think they'll make nice little accessories for the coming summer, and I'll add them to my little space At The Collective. What would you be willing to pay for a beaded silk accessory like this? I was thinking somewhere between $10-$15. Is that a good price or should I go a bit higher?

It was great to hear from a new voice yesterday! Thanks to all of you for leaving such wonderful comments and compliments about my dear Mom, but double thanks to Caroline for leaving her first comment! Caroline, I hope you were able to make it to and from Asheville: such a great small city! We love it there!!! Hope you'll leave more comments!

Hope you've had a great day too!



Caroline said...

I think that $15 is very reasonable and that $20 is not a bit too much. You can always offer a special of not everyone agrees with me.

By the way, you can see some of my snow at

Jeannie said...

I agree with Caroline on the pricing. With summer on the way you could always offer a 2 fer if you want to move them. The ripple silk is beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful day and I hope you have many more!

Joyce said...

I love the colors on the ripple silk fabric. I can never decide how to price things I make. I put $15 on my cuffs and they sold fairly well so I don't think $15 is too much. More might be a problem.

Elizabeth said...

First things first- love your snippet Fru-Fru's but don't you dare sell them for anything less than 24, especailly if you are going to add beads to them!!! IF we don't value our own art then we can't expect other's to!!! (I am trying to adopt this mantra myself!!)
YOur commissiuon project sounds fascinating and I am so impressed with your attention to the details. without paying attention to hanging first , it could all turn out quite poorly- So fabulous first steps- you ARE SO Smart about this!!!
THat wavy fabric that you showed off at the top- did you buyt hat luciousness as yardage or did you buy and then dye?? It is so OCEANIC and so you!! Love it!!
So glad that you ahd such a rewarding day!!
Huge hugs!!

Eva said...

Silk is so wonderful to work with, isn't it?
Could this silk flower be made out of doubled petals, so that the edges are folded, but don't have a seam? The beaded center is just cute.