Friday, February 12, 2010

Caribbean Waves and the Snow

I put the finishing touches on my Caribbean Waves Cape this afternoon, and I think I love it as much as Salsa!

One of the nicest things about this cape is that when it is on, it stays put! You don't have to keep readjusting and tugging at it to get it back over your shoulders or arms. It just seems to know how to behave in public!

Here's the back
It's a bit wonky, but waves are like that, you know?

Here is a scarf that I think I have finally put the finishing touches on

There's something about this Arashi can just keep adding layers and the silk becomes ever more wonderful. But alas, sigh, I have stopped with this one!

And here's our snow report: while we haven't had nearly as much as our neighbors to the north, I think we've had plenty to satisfy our appetite for the white stuff. It is lovely and it is very wet and heavy, so I wouldn't be surprised if some power lines and many branches fall as the night progresses. This was the view from my sewing machine late this afternoon

and I just snapped this pic in the livingroom. I'm hoping you can see how thick with snow the branches of our River Birch are. It's quite a sight for us here in Georgia!

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment, so that I know you've come to keep me company. Caroline, I could not access your photos..........please try again with that link!



Beverly said...

The cape is gorgeous, perfect for those sultry Georgia nights, I'm sure.

What a weird winter- you're getting snow in Georgia, and we hit 50 degrees in Salt Lake today. I haven't had snow in my front yard for a couple of weeks, we haven't had a good storm since Christmas. Just when I want to try snow dyeing!!

Rayna said...

Judy, did you put those waves in the silk or did it come that way? gorgeous!
Do you ever sleep?

Jeannie said...

Beautiful cape and scarf. It does look like winter in your neck of the woods. We are having a heat wave - 58 degrees and the crocus are out in full force! Have a fun filled weekend.

Caroline said...

Judy, it is this crazy mac blog site. Try Do you think that is long enough?

Your cape looks wonderful and one that stays on is even better. Is that because of the "wrinkles"? You are doing some great work!

Gerrie said...

Beautiful - but what else would I expect!! I almost texted you today to see if it was snowing.

Elizabeth B said...

Yes, yes, yes! The scarf and cape are gorgeous... and like everyone else I'm crazy for the texture in the cape! Yummo! I'm also curious to hear more about your reflections on the differences in the ProChem and Dharma dyes!

linda stokes said...

Absolutely love your wave cape Judy!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The cape is superb and I love the colors.
Have you notised that you and Craig are on the last "window picture"?
Nice to see you both ;-)

We have also got more snow this last night and it's snowing still. Sigh!!!!!
I don't want any more snow!!!!!
They need some snow in Canada right now. They can have ours =)))


Joyce said...

Love that cape! I was thinking I'd like a road trip south to get away from our snow for a bit but it sounds like I'd have to drive a loooong way this year.

janet Wright said...

I checked Thai silks and don't know what "wavy silk" you made the cape from. There are also 2 silk capes but they don't say they are "wavy".
wonderful work. Please reply. Janet Wright