Friday, February 05, 2010

New York, New York

As we were sipping our coffee and nibbling on (or was it devouring?) our croissants at The Bakeshop this morning, my eye was immediately caught by this wonderful collage in the New York Times.

I wish I was in New York! No, not for the weather (ha!) but rather to enjoy this wonderful Victorian photocollage exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit explores the works of mainly upperclass English women (with works of only one man and also one French woman), and has been organized entirely by women. You can go here to see several of the works in the exhibit.

We watched an interesting documentary on the works of collage artist Kurt Schwitters the other I need to know more!

It is a cold, windy and rainy day here in the southland. Wishing you better weather wherever you may be and, as always



Rayna said...

You made me nervous for a minute - thought you were here!! I love reading your field trip posts and that jacket is great! Can I live your life for a while, please?

Eva said...

Schwitters -- have you heard the "Ursonate"? A Dada sound collage. And he made a big collage, the "Merzbau" in Hannover which reached from the floor up to the ceiling. It was destroyed in war.
The collages from 19th century are funny!

Carol said...

Thanks for the collage link, they're wonderful. We've had torrential rain over a lot of the east coast and of course there's flooding everywhere - though not here. However the humidity is dreadful, you feel you could cut the air with a knife and it's hard to sleep. So a really hot day, high humidity - but on the upside my son and a friend have removed stumps from my garden and I'm now searching for a source for a couple of crabapple trees to plant in the space. I love my garden. OOXX