Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What's Happenin'

Harry, the Night Watchman at our condo, always greets us with "What's Happenin'?" Our response is normally, "Not much"...and that's how it seems to be around here these days as well.Of course, I'm busy, C's busy, and Barker keeps us both busy, but it's cold, rainy, and pretty darned boring....of course, we could have snow or ice.....let's not go there! LOLI spent a few minutes doing some free motion quilting on leftover snippets of colorful metallic quilting threads sandwiched between some Sulky Solvy. Stay tuned for more about this project.

I'm still doing color testing on all of my Procion MX dyes. I'm low water immersion dyeing 6" squares of silk, cotton, and rayon in each container....and doing this with all of my dyes.....and this is only the beginning! I'm sure that this will be very worthwhile, and I can't wait to wash them out and compare the results tomorrow! While doing this project, I'm becoming increasingly aware of a big difference in the consistency of my Dharma and Pro Chem dyes. I'm interested to know if you dyers have noticed that as well? Which do you prefer and why? I used to be strictly a Dharma girl, but I've been using more Pro Chem dyes lately, and they seem to dissolve more easily for me. Does anyone else notice that?

And he bakes too! C surprised me a few weeks ago when he told me that he wanted to bake some cookies! Then he asked if I could help! Oh please: I hate to bake cookies! Actually, all he needed was a brief lesson in operating the mixer, and an explanation for creaming butter and sugars. Aside from that, he was on his own and did a great job! He picked his recipe off of the Internet, using whole wheat flour, craisins, and walnuts....so you know they are both healthy and yummy!

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Jeannie said...

What do I think? I think C needs to come here and bake me some cookies! I have only used Dharma dyes. I am really interested in learning from your experiment. I hate finding dye dregs - like that last sip of coffee in the pot - yuk! We're pretty boring here too. I wonder if we notice it more because of the gray skies?. Really curious about the Solvy and threads. Have fun.

Gerrie said...

No, Jeannie, I need him to come here and teach Mr C how to cook. You are being so good in the studio. I will need to make some new fabric soon.

Eva said...

The underlines happen if the text is typed right after a picture, it means that the text adapts the link from the picture. You can remove this by marking the text passage, click the link button, remove the link and click "ok".
I post this in case others have this problem, too.

Joyce said...

I buy all my dyes at G&S Dyes in Toronto. I'm interested to hear that there may be a difference in them since they are all Procion...Hmmm...maybe I'll have to order some elsewhere just to compare. I'll be watching for your results.

Carol said...

Maybe C's cookie recipe should go in your recipe blog? They look great. Lucky you.

Judy said...

Thank you Eva! I knew it had to have something to do with the picture, but that was as far as I could get with it!


Karen said...

We just started a big kitchen remodel and right before they removed the stove I baked a batch of cookies. No stove for 6 months now, and I don't like store bought cookies. I'm looking through all my cookie recipes and dreaming about which cookies to bake when they are done. I use pro chem dyes even though it cost more in shipping than dharma because of living on the west coast, but after taking classes there, and seeing their customer service, I really feel a loyalty to them

Rayna said...

ProChem, although there are a few Dharma colors I like. I don't know about consistency but even colors with the same names are diff from @ mfg. Dharma's bronze is not the same as proChem's or as Jacquard's. Ditto others - so sometimes it is good to have a few from both.

My husband would starve if I didn't bake. Anyway, it's one of my therapy activities. Love it!