Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today is my 800th post on Blogger! YIKES!! I suppose I should tantalize you by saying that in another 200 posts I'll offer some sort of prize to the 1,000th post, but I will not! lol

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning......through our blinds!

It was quite chilly when we walked Barker (26F) but there was no wind and I was wearing my silk long johns (thanks to Jeannie!), so I was very comfy!

We went to see Brownie Points at the Balzer yesterday afternoon. It was very well done and extremely thought provoking. This evening we saw Shooting Star at the Horizon. Much to our surprise Jim Hammond, who is the Artistic/Managing Director of our hometown Gainesville Theater Alliance, had the male lead in this performance. We love Jim and always enjoy seeing him on stage, so this production was a huge treat and no exception! Leigh Campbell-Taylor, the female lead, was also fantastic. I highly recommend this production to all of my Gainesville and Atlanta readers.
After the show, we enjoyed another wonderful Mediterranean dinner at Zaya. YUMMMM!

I spent several hours this afternoon working my coop shift At The Collective. What wonderful folks and what a great shop! You need to come look us up and say hello! Things were hopping with a lot of folks buying last minute Valentines! Here is my friend Jennifer modeling my new Caribbean Wave Shawl



Caroline said...

Judy, the shawl looks even better on a real person. Yum !

connie said...

The shawl is absolutely beautiful on a person. Thanks for posting. MMMM 800 posts. I salute you!

Diana said...

Hi, Judy. I love the shawl and also enjoy hearing about your activities with your family and pets. Loved the shibori scarf, too. I will think about you as I set up for some more arashi shibori sessions in my basement.

Take care and stay warm,

Diana in Ohio

Jeannie said...

The sun through your blinds is gorgeous, as is the cape. 800 posts and all of them wonderful pieces of inspiration, humor, and fun. Have a great week!

Carol said...

Look forward to the next 800! First place I look each morning so keep them coming. Your shawl is just gorgeous, and so is that photo of the sun through the blinds. Stay warm. OOXX

Elizabeth said...

800!! That is quite an accomplishment!!Sounds like you ahd another great weekend! i love meeting the public wh come into craft galleries. they know what to look for and are so aprreciative of people who workwith their hands (90% of the time). Wonderful to see your lucisou scarf modeled!!!