Thursday, March 11, 2010

and yet more........


Last night I did a bit of hand stitching on this piece of silk charmeuse. I wanted to experiment some more with the Colorhue dyes, so I used a 2-3 week old extremely weak magenta for the first layer of color. Then I did my stitching, and then I threw together all of the (Colorhue) dyes that I had already mixed on previous pieces, just to see how it would come out. I'm really pleased with the degree of color that I obtained in both areas. The new background is a lovely charcoal, which I know I could never reproduce in a thousand years, but that's just one of the fun parts in this dyeing business! LOL

This is the piece in its entirety.

Today was another rainy Portlandy kinda day here. After Barker and I walked (in the pouring down rain) on the golf course, I finished up a few projects that have been ongoing, and then I played. Here's a bit of what I played with. If I like how it turns out, I'll show you more. If not, forget about it!

At first glance, I think this almost looks like the Cookie Monster! LOL But it's not. Can you tell what it's supposed to be? Well, I'll put you out of your misery: it's a stitched bird's nest, using gold metallic thread and Sulky Solvy. The broken 'egg' is actually a silk cocoon. I think I need to rough up the cut edges of the egg so that it looks a bit more natural, don't you? I think I need to photograph this one from the side, so that you can tell it's actually 3-D! Live and Learn!!!

That's it for today. Please take a moment and leave a's really nice to know who's 'out there'!



Gerrie said...

I throw all my left over colorhue dyes in a bucket. I love the color that results. The bird nest and cocoon when enlarged are magical.

Jeannie said...

After reading Gerrie's comment, I had to go look at the bird nest enlarged. She's is so right (as if there was ever a doubt!;-)). It also reminds me of a spider with egg sack. I really like the shibori experiment and I love the piece you are auditioning. Love me some shibori. How do you like the colorhue dyes? Have a great weekend.

Eva said...

"Watching the nest" has a new meaning now.

Love the charcoal fabric and the brown shibory stripes. This looks like something created by nature.

Anonymous said...

I love the shade of charcoal you got from throwing the dyes together, and the bird's nest looks like sea creature with eyes. It's weird and pretty at the same time. Your photos from Fla. were great, and I'm glad you had a good time. Hello to my bro.
xxoo SIL Carol

Jackie K. said...

Waving hello from FL! I'm enjoying all of your posts. Throwing those dyes all in and getting charcoal result is a lovely surprise.