Friday, March 12, 2010

Springing into Spring

My Lenten Roses are finally blooming! They've been hiding their pretty little heads, shielding their blossoms from the snow and cold weather for about three weeks longer than usual. I am thrilled to see them, and thought I'd share just a few with you today.

I didn't have much time for sewing today, but I made good use of the few minutes that I had. I'm trying out some different free motion quilting on the little piece I shared a snippet of yesterday. That is as much as I was able to accomplish, but at least it's a start, and that puts me over that hurdle. Do you have a difficult time getting started? I always do, and I'm not sure why.

This is the backing fabric for this little piece. I tried out marbling a few years ago, and this is one of my first pieces. I still love it, but thought that the colors were great with the front of this piece...and I think it should remain has a whole cloth piece.

Yesterday afternoon's mail brought a wonderful package of Primroses from my dear Blogger Buddy Elizabeth! She is such a friend!! Elizabeth sent me a similar package last Spring, and for some reason it took a couple of weeks to arrive. BUMMER!! And it was hot, and those poor devils really didn't stand a chance. I planted them anyway, and watered them faithfully, but they haven't come up this year, so I think they didn't survive. As you can see, these little guys are very healthy. I let them sit out in the rain last evening, and then I planted them this morning, surrounded by lots of our compost.

No sooner had I gotten back inside, then the heavens let loose with loud claps of thunder and torrential rains. C laughingly said that he thought he saw the Primroses go floating by his office window, but I don't think so! Anyway, they got a good soaking!

Speaking of Blogger Buddies, Gerrie posted some mossy pictures from a friend's lovely home in Portland, OR this morning. I'll bet we are not far behind her fair city in rainfall over the past 6 months! Several years ago, C and I removed a large number of shrubs in front of our house and had three very large boulders 'planted' there. At the time, we toyed with the idea of trying to grow moss on them....we never got around to it, but Mother Nature has done a fine job on her own!

My Daphne is all budded up and ready to pop: hopefully we'll be enjoying her sweet fragrance next week!

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Gerrie said...

Wow, you are really behind us. We have had Lenten roses for over a month and the Daphne has been providing aroma therapy on my walks around the hood for 6 weeks. And moss? Well, you normally do have a moist climate there so I am not surprised that moss will grow. But, believe me, it is totally rampant here in PDX!

Caroline said...

Well, you are really ahead of us in Cashiers. I have some daffodil greens up and the phlox, which looked as if it had been killed by all the snow and deep cold, has a little green if you look carefully. It is usually a lovely violet cushion long before now. I wonder if it will bloom this year or will have to be severely trimmed and left for next year to bloom.

Jeannie said...

My Lenten roses have been blooming for a while also. Have you ever put them in a flower arrangement? They really look exotic mixed with other plants, just sear the cut ends with a match. I love Daphne and what a beautiful name.
Have fun this weekend.

Joyce said...

Hmmm...we still have several feet of snow almost everywhere but there is a bit of grass or dirt peeping out in the high spots so I guess there is hope here. It's nice to see pictures of greenery and flowers since we don't have any here yet.

Elizabeth said...

Tomwould ahve said something very similar to C!!!! Jolly Jokers!!!
I am sure that they will be fine this time around!!
Your Lenten Roses are lvoely- love all of the purple varieties. I must get some of those as I ahve several good shady summer spots that get sun in spring- they would be perfect there!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!