Friday, March 19, 2010

City Life

I don't want to speak too soon, but I think that Spring/Summer may actually have arrived here in Atlanta! YAYYYY!

......a lovely Camellia along our walk yesterday afternoon
We shopped this afternoon, dined al fresco for lunch, and then walked up to the High Museum to see the new exhibit, which opened today. It was jammed, probably due to our great weather, and so we decided to head to Oceanaire, where we had impending dinner reservations.

I enjoyed the Ahi Tuna, served sashimi style. Oh, was it ever good!

As we walked home, I snapped a couple of pictures looking south on Peachtree. The new 1010 Peachtree office building is to the far left, with some pretty awesome laser lights in the ground floor foyer, and to the right is my favorite Bank of America building (the 'haystack') plus the Federal Reserve, aka 'old moneybags' off to the right.

I love this city!



Eva said...

Spring at last. Glad you can enjoy it! We have warmer temps now, too -- going up very fast.
I decided to renounce on tuna, because it is seriously menaced. It's a shame. I love sushi!

Rayna said...

Lucky you, Judy! I feel the same way about NY.