Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lemon to Lemonade

A few weeks ago our church's preschool director called to ask if I would once again donate to their annual fundraiser. I had forgotten all about it, but said that I would be happy to do so. Then we went birding, and it slipped my mind again. (Hmmmm: maybe I should write these things down?) She called again last week just to remind me (perhaps I have a reputation?), and thankfully she did! I didn't have any silk scarf blanks hanging around and t was too late to order any and get something done, so I opted to tinker with one or more of my 'dogs'. The result is at left.

a detail shot

Since yesterday was a warmish day, I had my studio all opened up (increased ventilation for discharging dyes is very important) and I also cranked up my steamer. I threw in this piece of deconstructed screen printing which I had done several weeks ago. I'm really pleased with how well the color held. I took this photo after steaming and washing - the red is still as vibrant as it was when I first screened it. Don't ask what I will do with it: probably just admire it. I really have a problem with using my fabrics after I create them. I need to work on that!

Hope you made lemonade today too!



Gerrie said...

I spent most of the day at my computer - I am jealous. That dog is definitely a pedigreed!!

Eva said...

Oh these prints are overwhelming! Your customers will be delighted. And also the second one is so beautiful. How large is it? As a cushion top or similar, it would show the pattern well, so I don't think you have to hesitate and use it. It is too good to linger in a drawer!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I haven't forgotten you, just haven't had time to comment lately. Tell you more in an e-mail. I can see though that you are creative, as usual, and are having fun every day ;-)
Love and Peace to you too!!!


linda stokes said...

Beautiful scarf Judy - can't believe it was a dog!
Just love your deconstructed fabric.

Joyce said...

It is so satisfying to turn a dog into a thing of beauty as you have done here. I think many quilters and dyers have a stash of fabric that is too nice to use. I find that if I let it mature for a few years I am able to use it. It needs some fondling time.

Anonymous said...

I like your "dog." It looks somehow patriotic and seems perfect for a fundraiser. Good for you!
Carol (SIL)

Elizabeth said...

Well if you had written it down and had been all organized and held back a scarf blank for the project you would not have rescued this dog from the pound!! aND WHAT A RESCUE!!! iT IS GORGEOUS!! gREAT JOB!!
I think that we all have to work on cutting up our fabric creations- after al;l you deconstruct screens, so you have to try to cut up some of your dyed pieces and SPREAD theJOY!!!!