Monday, March 15, 2010

Play Day!

Today was one of our first Spring-like days, and I was eagerly anticipating the warmer temps forecast for this afternoon, so that I could really open up the studio and do some serious discharging. I love the Kemshall's "Painted Thread", and have been wanting to try their technique of discharging after quilting with textile paint added to the paste. While the piece at left is not quilted, I decided to do a trial run before I hit the quilted piece.....even though it is a study piece for me.

I love how it came out! I used a freezer paper mask on my silkscreen, and added some peachy textile paint to my discharge paste. Isn't it great how it gives this piece some depth! WOW, I was hooked!

So here's the little piece I've been playing around with. I quickly machine quilted it last night, and decided that I wanted to lighten and brighten a bit of the central area.

I cut the mask out of freezer paper, layed it over the face of my silk screen and voila! Pretty easy!! I will continue to add to this's giving me a lot of pleasure right now.

I also discharged a silk scarf, which I hope to show you tomorrow; and then I did a bit of Arashi Shibori for my online class with Glennis Dolce. That piece is drying, so it may be a few days before it is ready for viewing.

Hope you've had a playful day!



Eva said...

What a clever technique! The pinch of salt on this quilt and the "how-did-she-do-it??"-effect. Looks great! And gives more control on the whole composition, I guess.

Elizabeth said...

taking color away and adding it back at the same time- that is some pretty cool chemistry you are messing with !! WHat fun! And glorious results!! I am ready for a bit of sun here , so send it North please!!!!! I think that we hit the sweet spot with planting the primroses for this year!!!

Diana Parkes said...

I Have never thought of added some textile paint to the discharge paste. Great idea! Will give it a go.