Monday, March 29, 2010

Staying in line

I'm tinkering around with the small study wall hanging for Molly...will the small one be hers or will this one to the left???? I decided I would straight line quilt this one today and do a little more dyeing of components for the study piece. I enjoyed the monotony of the quilting while listening to NPR.

I love how the damask patterns are picked up by the dyes.

Here's a bit of the study piece........I played with it for quite some time yesterday afternoon.

I don't want to show you too much, because I think at this point I want the piece to be a surprise to Molly.

And look at this!!! Elizabeth's primroses are beginning to bloom! WooHoo! Can you believe that she dug these and mailed them to me just about a month ago and now they are blooming here in my garden. I'm really thrilled. Thank you, Elizabeth!!! Persistence does lead to success, doesn't it!

And what the devil is this???? On Mondays I often have a tough time getting myself to the gym, but I've found that if I reward myself by listening to an episode of The Splendid Table, I can motivate myself to get on that eliptical trainer and then up to the weight room. UGH. This week's episode had a segment on making shrimp bisque, using shrimp stock: MMMMM! Well, the market was one of my post workout stops, so I picked up a pound of shrimp and made the stock. I've frozen it and will use it in a week or so. Oh, and you can go here to listen to the fabulous Splendid Table, or upload it to your favorite listening device. You'll love it, trust me!!



Elizabeth said...

Your Primroses wil be opening int he next day or two!!!It appears that we found a good transplanting time for these little beauties!!!!
Your wallhanging is coming along nicely as well!
I love getting the Splendid Table
Happy Days!

HollyM said...

I agree the upper bird is lost. I think I would do it striated in the same bright green that is used int he bottom. It seems to be bright enough-- at least on my screen. I'm not sure I'd use white because I like the color combo you have now.