Friday, April 02, 2010

Art Date

Spring has finally sprung here in Georgia! WooHoo!!! We had a wonderfully fun city 'date' last night. While walking down Peachtree toward the first segment, we suddenly heard someone calling C's name, and discovered it was our friend Bob, in town to attend the symphony. Small world and a pleasant surprise!

I'll talk about the date more in a minute, but first I want to share these pics from our morning walking in Piedmont Park. Aren't the flowers just gorgeous!! One of my favorite blooming trees is the Red Bud. Some have really popped this week, while others, like the one below, are just beginning to open their little red buds.

OK, now for our date: We read that Clare Rojas was having a closing reception of her exhibit at the SCAD Gallery at the Woodruff Art Center last night. We love the informal atmosphere at the SCAD Gallery, so decided to walk up and take a peek. What fun! Where have we been? We didn't know of Ms Rojas' work, but are so glad that we've been introduced! I love her little stylized flowers, the incorporation of her art with a bit of quilting, and also the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex symbols. She also sings, under the name of Peggy Honeywell. You can get a glimpse of her life here, or you can Google (or is it Topeka these days?) her to learn even more.

Here's Clare Rojas as Peggy Honeywell

Then we walked to South City Kitchen where we enjoyed another great Fifth Group dinner, sharing the Mussels appetizer plus the veggie plate (me) and the fried catfish (C).

If we don't connect again for a bit, hope you have a happy Easter, Passover, or whatever other occasion you might be celebrating.



Gerrie said...

You are always having more fun than me!! I love your adventures in the big city.

Jeannie said...

You know I love the pansies! Our redbud is budded up. I love the color of the flowers against the bark. You really do embrace "girl just wants to have fun"! Keep having fun and wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend. We are hoping it doesn't snow - what is up with this weather?!

Eva said...

Best holiday wishes to you and your family, too! The flowers are lovely, and it is so good to be going outdors and not having to pack yourself up as if to get mailed. We had some sunshine and sat on the balcony for a few minutes, but the wind is still cold!

Joyce said...

It's so nice to see flowers. It seems to be snowing again here.