Thursday, April 01, 2010

For Elizabeth, with joy and gratitude

I was greeted this morning with this lovely sight

My Little Elizabeths are blooming! Now those are indeed a sight for sore eyes!!

and as I was serving tea** to my roses, I gave Peace a careful inspection

She is sprouting all over the place! I think she is very happy in her new home in the sun, thanks to Elizabeth's encouragement and guidance in moving her!

**As for the tea, this is also a concoction that came from Elizabeth. After breakfast, I blend together our coffee grounds (including the paper filter), our banana peels, any egg shells and about a cup or two of water (just enough to make a nice pourable liquid) and then I pour it around the base of a different rose bush each day. Elizabeth gave me this idea last year, and it has worked like a charm. Try it, you'll like it!



Jeannie said...

Success! The Elizabeths look wonderful! I had not heard of that tea variety for roses. I'll give it a whirl. Now if you have a Queen Elizabeth rose, you really could "serve" tea. Have a happy day tomorrow!

Terry said...

LOVE the new look! What breath of fresh air.

Teodo said...

Happy Easter.Ciao

Elizabeth said...

You are too funny and most welcome!! I am so glad that you were successful with Peace!! you will ahve the most glorious roses in town- you are more dillegent with the TEA than I!!! I am also very glad that the primroses are showing off for you!! Arent thye a pure delight!!!! Love them!!
Big happy hugs!