Wednesday, April 21, 2010

C is for COLOR

My results from the other day's batik session:

I was trying some different color combos........not necessarily practical, but definitely fun!  Sorry, none of these fabrics has been pressed since drying.

I like this one a lot!  The areas that appear white (at least on my monitor) are actually a nice lemon yellow.  I think this piece will be fun to play with.

I'm not really pleased with this one.  I think that I may rewax and overdye it.  I would like the red to be much more intense.

And this one is a real mystery to me!  I thought that it had been very well discharged, but the red just didn't play well, except for in a very few places.  So, it may also be rewaxed and overdyed.

I like this next piece, even though it's a bit on the wonky side.  Please excuse the crease down the middle!

here's a detail shot

Hope your days been fun and colorful too!



Connie Rose said...

They're just awesome, Judy! Come over to my studio so we can do batik together!

Jeannie said...

Great fabrics! I'm not Swedish, but I really love the blue/yellow combo with the polka dots and wonky design. Keep having fun!

Gerrie said...

turquoise is hard to deal with. It likes to take over LOL! Nice to see you having fun. Our weather is so miserable and I am in pain still and taking it easy so I am not having fun!!

Eva said...

"Polka dots" -- this name has a new meaning. Those fractured dots on the pink and purple piece are really amazing! And so is the last in the row.

Rayna said...

#1: stop apologizing for the wrinkles. We're happy to see the pix!

#2: what did you decide to do about neutralizing?