Monday, April 05, 2010

Loves in my Life

I have a total love affair with discharging. I cannot deny it a minute longer! Below is a silk scarf that I dyed with acid dyes, and I'm now screening discharge paste over it. I love how it's turning out!

Here's another shot.....isn't it a great look for summer!

One more shot

As you can see, the areas where I salted have turned brown with the discharging. The question is, what will happen after the scarf has been laundered, will those areas remain brown and rusty looking? Dunno! I'll let you know tomorrow!

Our Red Buds, Weeping Cherry, and Dogwoods are beginning to put on a show. I caught this glimpse as I was coming in from the studio last evening. I'm loving Daylight Savings Time, how about you?

And just one shot of my favorite doggie, as he was about to drive my Mom home last evening:

Hope you've had a great day!



Gerrie said...

Your mother appears to be very confident of Barker's ability to do the job!! I would love daylight saving time if the weather would cooperate. Tonight, we are having really wild weather. Scooter did his duty in a hurry so that he could come back inside.

Eva said...

The smile on your mother's face is just enchanting. And this self-confident dog -- divine.
The discharged prints are wonderful. Hope they will remain as bright and shining.

Joyce said...

Discharging is a real adventure. I hope to do some soon, not that the weather is milder. I like to do my dyeing etc outside.

Elizabeth said...

Ok---- you and I need at least a week of UNIterrupted - EXCEPT MAYBE FOOD DELIVERY so we can play and teach each other all of these amazing techniques. This scarf is sooo glorious and you know I dont wear scarves but I would make a point of wearing something like this!!!!! Totally yummy!!! So gald that your sweet Mum was able to be with you for Easter!!!
Our temp hit 92 today- what the heck happened to spring!!!!!!