Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And the answer is:


This is a piece that I spent a bit of time on in the studio today. It and its partner have me very excited! Stay tuned for more!

As for the question: last night I posed the question on my blog as to whether the salted areas on the discharged silk scarf would remain brown after laundering. As you can see,

they did. Actually, it looks pretty cool up close and personal....forget the photograph! But I will try to bear this in mind from now on when I'm discharging over silk that has been salted in the initial dyeing process.

On my walk around the garden today, I found Lilies of the Valley which had not even begun to sprout yesterday morning while I was doing my garden clean-up. I guess the 90+ degrees has coaxed them up from their subterranean dens.

My Woodland Poppies are beginning to bloom, and if this heat keeps up, they will be short lived.

As Barker and I headed out for our early morning golf course walk, I noticed that my first wild columbine had opened. I apologize for the out-of-focus pic!

Guess who just came back from the groomer and got to spend the afternoon in the studio?



Jeannie said...

Yum! I really like these and the brown from the silk really is neat. The woodland poppies are beautiful and Barker is also. He has so much personality in his face and pose.

Gerrie said...

I like the brown too. Scooter was at the groomer today. When he came home, he looked ready for the dog show!!

Joyce said...

The piece in the first picture is very interesting. Is it discharged?

linda stokes said...

Great discharge fabric Judy.
Barker looks gorgeous - very proud of himself!
Thanks for your comment - you're right of course.

Eva said...

What an exiting piece! Fabric art at its best. Great job!