Sunday, April 25, 2010

Missing Some Grand Openings

I am away this week, taking a wonderful class in San Antonio, and while I'm learning a tremendous amount, having a great time, and eating my weight in the wonderful local cuisine, I'm missing some grand openings in my garden.  Before I left, I snapped the above pic of one clump of my peonies, all set to open.

My white rose campion (lychnis coronaria alba), a gift from my friend Caroline, is also sending up big fat buds.

When I was growing up, my Mom's flower beds were full of Rose Campion, and I had not seen the alba variety until I moved here.  I like them both, but only have the alba now.

One of my many rose buds, all set to bust out of its reddish-green jacket

the banana/coffee ground tea that I have been feeding these guys has really made a difference!

the first of my white irises is also ready to unfirl its flag

and my baptisia is going nuts!

last year, I cut them all back and dead headed them after they bloomed, as I decided I was no longer fond of their unusual seed pod.  I have noticed that they seem to have spread all over the garden this year.  I may have to take drastic action and reign them in!

and last but by all means not least, my foxgloves:

I must say that they are one of my favorites, and when I travel to areas where they grow wild along the roadside, as in Oregon, I am green with envy!

I hope that some of these grand openings will wait for my return, but if not, there's always next year!



Gerrie said...

Waaaaa!Are you with Jane? Wish I could be there. Learn a lot for me

Jeannie said...

I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering if the weather hampered your travels. As Gerrie said, learn a lot. Yep, living vicariously through you! LOL!Your garden looks so beautiful and healthy. Have fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so very excioted for you to be with the fabulous ajne Dunnewold and to be soaking in the art and space and food of San Antonio!! Take lots of pics and I am sure that some of your flowers will be waiting for your return home. Despite all of my rose advice to you, I seem to ahve lost my New Dawn and I ahve no idea why?? I am so sad- it ahs gotten huge but I see not a single sign of budding life on her- Perhaps it was the unusual snow storm that got her!! BOO HOOO! I will send you some Red Rose Campion seeds if you wnat some. I finally will have a good crop of blooms this year!! Have a blast!!

Jane LaFazio said...

ooh, love the peonies! we don't have them in Calif..take pics, okay when they open.

connie said...

I bet they will wait for your return! Someday come and enjoy the foxglove here on the Southern Oregon Coast then you could teach me to dye fabric... :-) Hope you are having a great time in San Antonio. I love it there too.

Anonymous said...

Where are you staying in San Antonio? J III and family are driving through--or maybe past :-(--S.A. on their way to Austin. I know they'd love to see you if both you and they can manage to get together.
xxoo Carol