Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It struck me the other day, that we are normally grabbed my the headlines, the top story, so to speak; so today I want to talk about the bottom line.  I want to get down and dirty with you!  It was all brought about by the understated blossoms on my Solomon's Seals.  If you really weren't looking, they might totally elude you!  But nevertheless, there they are:  magnificent little bells, ringing only to the underplants!

Consider the May Apples, dainty white beauties with hearts of gold

smiling down on the understory

How about wild ginger (Asarum canadense)?

a pretty enough heart of a leaf (here adorned with pollen dust after a shower), but if you didn't know, you'd never get to see it's hairy-throated magenta blossom, which also hides underplant!



Gerrie said...

You can see where my mind is - I thought the title was underpants or underpaints!!

Jeannie said...

I love weeding the ginger and smelling it's spicy scent. The woodland plants are so quiet and humble, but so beautiful. Play hard!

Joyce said...

Our woods are a carpet of wild ginger. The natives around here used it as a medicinal plant but I'm not sure exactly what for. I know they made tea from the roots.
It's one of my favorite plants.

Rebekah Crown said...

So beautiful! I'm desperately awaiting the blooming of the trillium here. We got an inch of snow, last week, which is mostly gone, now, but I'm anxiously awaiting true spring.

Removalist Melbourne said...

It's beautiful! So glad you noticed it.