Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I Wake Early

I've borrowed my title from the wonderful book of poems by
Mary Oliver.  It is so apropos.
This was our sunrise this morning.

please indulge me with just one more shot, taken moments later

I spent the afternoon playing in the studio:
also delicious! 

I batiked a slew of fabrics, discharged them, and now they are sitting in a second dye bath.

Scenes from the garden:

This tulip, bless it's heart, has been in bloom since before Easter!  I adore the miniature narcissus that has come to join the party.

............and these are the azaleas in full bloom outside my studio:
 what inspiration!



connie said...

What a glorious sunrise!!! I am not good at getting up early but seeing this makes me realize what I am missing. What a wonderful way to start the day.

I also love what you are working on and growing in your garden. ENJOY

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The Azaleas are just gorgeous.
Very nice pictures of the sunrise!
I'm no "early" person (rather late), but I've catched some sunsets in my camera, and they can be beautiful too ;-)


Eva said...

Wonderful Azaleas! And the sunrise... We have cold nights, still close to freezing point.

Elizabeth said...

All such a wonderful delight!! Your batiks are wonderful- the sun is out again today and I am heading out to the deck to do some more painting with Setacolors!! Sending dye vibes your way!!!!