Monday, April 12, 2010

A Sensible Sock & A Sexy Salad

I am finishing the second sock in this most boring pair, and the only thing that is keeping me focused and knitting is this: When finished, I have promised myself that I will dye some very fun yarn and knit some exciting and colorful socks! However, I feel that even I should own at least one pair of sensible socks! (Reminds me of a saying that my friend Ellie's shrink used to say: "Shoulds are sh_ts"!)

This is the lovely salad I enjoyed last night at our dinner at Sotto Sotto. It is called "Bietole e Mele" and consists of roasted beets, Granny Smith apples, arugula and hazelnuts with lemon and olive oil. The colorful radishes were a wonderful substitute for the Grannies. It was a delicious salad!! For my entree, I ordered the "Impepata di Cozze", or "mussels simply steamed with lemon, olive oil and Calabrese peppers"". Both were to die for! YUMMMM!!!

Before dinner, we went to the Horizon Theater for their evening performance of "Black Pearl Sings": a fabulous production. If you live in the Atlanta area, be sure to see it!



Elizabeth said...

Oh I love Beets in any way shape or form. So did my swedish gran, my family, not so much. It amy just be a swedish thing!!! there is a wonderufl beet salad recipe in The Silver Pallette-walnuts, julienned beets, roquefort cheese and olive oil vinegrette- Yum!!!!!
I 'll be right over for dinner!!!

Eva said...

As for the socks -- the yarn is beautiful, and the socks look like something very pleasant to wear. Hold on! I'm doing a boring job on my quilt reverse, and I sometimes have to think of my coming projects as the carot. --
Wonderful salad!

HollyM said...

That is one of my favorite salads.
I am the same way with socks. I love to knit them, but they need to be colorful. I have to do the occasional 'sensible' pair though.