Friday, July 09, 2010

Where Does the Time Go???

WOW: time is flying!  The above picture could actually be my version of time flying, or it could even be a dragon in flames, or perhaps an odd sea creature, or......what do you think?  Anyway, it's one of my most recent monoprints on watercolor paper.  I was exploring the many variations of violet, and then I decided to add just a dash of yellow, and voila!

Here's another:

I love the feathery lines of's almost like marbling, but not!

and just one more:

As you can see, I was having waaaay tooo much fun at the end of my color wheel exercise.  Speaking of which, I'm moving right along on the wheels, and they are paying off!  I'm having lots more success with my color mixing now, and feel quite confident in doing so.  YAYYYYY!!!

Loved this cover on a recent New Yorker:

very sad commentary, but the design is outstanding!  Sorry about the label remains.

I'm doing some baby knitting for a very special bundle of joy, who isn't due for quite some time, so I have oodles of hours to knit away.  I decided to dye some of the yarn, making the pieces one-of-a-kind.  Since the Mom and Dad have elected not to know the gender in advance, I've gone with this pale green for a blanket

I was amazed at how easily the yarn dyed.........I used my dye studio microwave to steam set the color.  After soaking the yarn in vinegar water for about a half hour, I think the dyeing only took me a total of an hour from applying the dye to washing out the yarn.  Pretty amazing!!!

We celebrated the 4th at our condo in Atlanta.  The fireworks were spectacular from the 14th floor, and Barker wasn't traumatized by all of the noise and vibrations.  After doing our early morning walk with him, we stopped by the Bakeshop where we enjoyed whole wheat pancakes with fresh blueberry topping:

and yes, they were every bit as good as they look!

Do you ever wake up grumpy in the morning?  Remember that joke?  Well, most mornings I just have to giggle when I glance over at Barker in his chair:

can you see his bed on the floor beside him?  What a guy!  The chair that he has appropriated used to be white, but we have recently had it slipcovered in a sturdy denim. 
Now he's almost awake, and quite perturbed with me for waking him so early! 

Hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July if you are here in the States and celebrate the holiday.  It was blessedly cool here, but it has been rather warm since.  I know that my buddies in other parts of the country are really being hit by the heat, so I won't complain.  We are used to it and thankfully do have air conditioning.

Thanks for dropping by, and please leave a comment, just so that I'll know that you've stopped in and haven't given up on me.  Stay safe and happy, and don't forget to be creative!!!



Beverly said...

Glad to see what you are up to, hopefully we'll see some of that beautiful color on fabric this summer?

Love the yarn, I'm sure the blanket will be treasured.

Gerrie said...

It was soooo good to talk to you last night. Helped a lot. Scooter and Barker are so much alike, but for their color.

In the first monoprint, I see a fish emerging from a violet sea!! The colors are so striking.

Vicki W said...

and now we all know who is in charge in your house!

Jeannie said...

Love, love, love the violet! We are supporting the local utility and running the a/c and thankful for it! I tried dyeing. The fabric loved the heat - I melted! Take care and I know lots of love is going into every knitted stitch. Hugs.

Connie Rose said...

The monoprints are fabulous, Judy!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Hi Judy!
I definitely see a sea creature of some kind in the first picture.
I love the color of the yarn and, which mom-to-be and her baby wouldn’t do that when it’s all made by YOU.
Barker looks like a King on his throne, and maybe he is the King of the house too =)))

We have a heat wave here in the southern parts of Sweden at the moment. At midday the thermometer showed +29,1o C (84,4o F) in the shade.
That’s actually too much for me =(

The Swedish open is going on here in Båstad right now, so the small village is over crowded with people, seagulls :-), at the moment.


Joyce said...

Your monoprint is simply amazing! Love it!

Karen said...

I'm glad to see you are back in blog land, I missed you. It seems like the Jane classes had a very powerful effect on you, and you're focus is right where it needs to be.

Carol said...

I really like your monoprints, especially as they are in my favourite colours. Enjoy your knitting time - such a lovely idea to die the yarn yourself, making each item really your own. Gorgeous soft green. And of course, the mighty Barker, dog of my dreams, and apparently ruler of your house - and why not, he's such a star. XO