Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get Busy!

A friend of mine is often heard saying 'What are you waiting for?  Get busy!" and those words kept ringing through my head today.  Normally Thursday is a 'free day' that I totally reserve for studio time, but for some reason there were too many other things calling my name both this morning AND this afternoon....  like those lovely beans pictured above: they arrived in the basket from our CSA on Tuesday.  I've decided that they belong in a cold bean salad, so I blanched them and added some other beans, onion, red pepper and a nice dressing.

I adore beets, and C knows it, so when he sees them at the Farmers' Market, he buys me a bunch or two.  Normally I roast them, but I recently read a great article about pressure cooking them, and since it's too bloody hot to be roasting in the house, I tried the alternative method.

eeeeeeek: sorry for the blurry photo!  While I don't think that the beets look quite so appealing after their time in the pressure cooker, I'm sure they will taste just divine with a bit of Balsamic Vinegar drizzled over them...and maybe a spot of goat cheese along side?  MMMMM!

We also got a 'pie pumpkin' in our CSA basket this week.  I'd never cooked one before, but was eager to give it a try.  The recipe that I found suggested microwaving the cut-up and deseeded pumpkin for about 15 minutes.  

Looks pretty tasty doesn't it!  MMMMM!  I pureed it:

and then tucked it away in a freezer bag.  It should make a very nice Pumpkin Cheesecake come November!

I also made a batch of yogurt, cooked up two other batches of beans (lima and black eye), and blanched and froze three quarts of okra, which will be much appreciated in my soups next winter.

Yesterday, I dyed three Onesies as a baby gift for one of my Mom's caregivers.  She is expecting a baby boy pretty soon, so I needed to get busy!

I love this little guy....isn't he cute!!!

When I finished the dye job, I found that one of the Onesies had an imperfection (a bit of a tear) right across the middle of the FRONT!  ARGH!!!  So, I thought and thought about how I could 'fix' that little tear.

works for me!

So, it's been a good and busy day........maybe tomorrow I'll have some studio time!



Jeannie said...

Well, you are just like our squirrel getting ready for winter!;) The onesies are adorable! Does the okra come out slimy? I've never tried freezing it.

Carol said...

Now that's a busy day! Those beans are wonderful colours, your salad sounds really delicious. Love the onesies. Our red-headed boy is having a 1st birthday party tomorrow; the girls are SO excited. I think he's going to wear his Batman suit but the girls will be fairies, of course. 0X

Beverly said...

The food all sounds divine (except the okra, maybe!), and the onesie is adorable. I love your solution to the imperfection!

Eva said...

Love those birds! They seem to be in a hurry. Funny legs!