Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Autumn Clematis & Rhymin Simon

My calendars tell me it's just mid August, but my Sweet Autumn Clematis tells me it must be Fall.  I love this vine!  My first relationship with this species was in our first house in Gainesville.  There it climbed up aN outdoor staircase from our lower level patio to our driveway.  It was in full bloom the day our daughter went off to school for the first time, and I snapped a picture of her in her hand-smocked first-day-of-school dress, adorned with a school bus, school house and flagpole.  She looked so cute!  When I tried to purchase a vine after we moved into this house, the nursery owner told me I was crazy to want such an invasive plant!  No: not crazy, just sentimental!

Two for tea?

Our hummers continue to enjoy their sweet nectar.  As I said before, it is rare to see two of these little critters on the feeder at the same time.  We have hung a feeder outside my Mom's window, and she is delighted to watch the antics of her little flock.  

It has been so very hot and humid this summer!  It was about 7:30 yesterday morning when I snapped this pic of Barker taking a break on the golf course.

His hair is super short, but it hasn't seemed to give him much relief.  He is smart enough to take a break while I walk the long loops on the golf course.  I think he is smarter than I!

This is for my Aussie friend Carol:

I got quite a chuckle when I spotted this bottle of Shiraz at Trader Joes.  Carol has chooks and entertains me with stories of their doings.  So, here's to you and the girls, Dear Carol!

Here's a peek at the progress on my large silk piece:

I was frustrated by it yesterday, but this morning I saw the things are good! 

And what about Paul Simon, you ask?  I've rediscovered and fallen back in love with his music after all of these years!  Graceland is my favorite, and C was kind enough to get the concert from Netflix.   

I am blown away by the colorful attire of the performers!  These pictures aren't great, but I hope you can see what I mean.

Here is Hugh Masekela

 look at that shirt!  WOW!!  one more of Hugh in his incredible threads

one last pic of one of the drummers:

We're headed out to ECCO for I need to scat!



Jeannie said...

I love the herons and feathers. Have a great weekend.

Eva said...

That weed is so beautiful, I'd love some of it climbing around my balcony! They are elegant, would make a beautiful fabric design. And plants can be cut back if they go too far.
Graceland is one of my favourites, too. We listened to a Paul Simon concert in Lucca, Italy, in 2002. It was in the middle of the town. We did not have tickets, so we sat in a nearby café and heard the whole concert loud and clear. We did not even regret to lack a view.

Carol said...

I love Graceland & Paul Simon. Your clematis is very pretty, some of my favourite plants are considered weeds, too. I went to a garden expo yesterday and came home with lots more lilies, more fun in the garden coming up. Beautiful as always is my pal Barker. Thanks for the pic of the chook wine, I haven't seen this one but I'll hunt it down. I hope it's not one that is only sold overseas. Hugs to you and Barker OOOXXX