Saturday, August 14, 2010


Like much of the US, it's been quite hot here this summer.  Where we live, in northeast Georgia, we've finally felt some relief today, with temps only in the mid 70s.  It rained this morning, which was also a nice change!  I spent an hour or so out in the studio doing some screen printing, I machine quilted the small piece above (22" x 19") and I also finally finished painting my color wheels!  WooHoo!!  I am calling this piece "Sisters On Fire", because it reminds me so much of the forest fires that seemed to occur every July while I was attending the Quilters Affair in Sisters, OR....back in a previous life!  One night, my roommate stayed up after I had gone to bed, and she came in and woke me so that I could see the red sky in the distance.  GREAT!  I had a very difficult time going back to sleep that night!

While Barker and I walked the golf course this morning, C went to the Farmers' Market.  He brought home sweet corn, peaches, cranberry beans, okra, tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potato greens, yellow crookneck squash, new potatoes and these:

I just love Zinnias!  Their colors are so bright and cheery!!

C grilled two pork tenderloins a few weeks ago, which was far more than enough meat for the two of us!  I was charged with finding a use for the leftover pork, and after googling the aforementioned item, I realized that I could make Cuban Sandwiches!  YaYYY!  We lived in Miami for eight years, and I developed a healthy and steadfast love for those babies!  I remember many nights when we would attend a minor league baseball game at the old Miami Stadium, stopping in Little Havana to pick up a Medianoche to keep us company during the game.  Here's the final product of today's creation.

I hope to post a recipe for this tasty delight here within the next day or two.

OK, time to go stir fry those sweet potato greens..........I'll let you know how they turn out: May, our purveyor, tells us that they are sweet and delightful!



Gerrie said...

I consider myself quite the gourmet cook and I have not ever heard of sweet potato greens. Let me know how they are. Now, that Sister's piece looks like something I might have done and I love it.

Carol said...

Love those zinnias. And I hadn't heard of sweet potato greens either, though I guess they are the leaves? The Sisters piece is wonderful and when I enlarged it I was definitely reminded of those scenes we see every summer on our TVs as bushfires rage in this country. OOXX

Eva said...

Very fiery quilt indeed! -- Who can go to sleep if a fire is in sight? -- The zinnias are adorable. This combination of orange yellow with the burgundy and purple is stunning.

Diana Angus said...

I love this piece. It is hard to believe the dimensions; seems like a much larger piece. Fantastic!


Joyce said...

The Sisters piece definitely looks like a forest fire (not that I've been up close and personal to one). No wonder you had trouble going back to sleep.

Elizabeth said...

It is raining here right now!!! I do so covet summer rainy days and we have had only two this summer!!! I love your sisters quilt and a huge congrats on getting thru your color wheels!!! Such discipline!!!
Your farmer's market is till a huge envy of mine!! Witht he horrible traffic on 95 it takes us hours to get to the closest one!!!!
Fortunatly my tomatoes are still coming on strong and my arugala is delightful!! Enjoy the Cool!!!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Your blog shows two things I love -
Awesome dyed fabrics and yummy looking eats!

You KNOW I'll be back!

I have never heard of sweet potato greens either, but I bet they'd go great in my green-smoothies.
(If I could find the dang things!)

Thanks for sharing,


Anonymous said...

Judy, you are ahead of me! I am still working on my wheels, did you do all the transparents and opaques? I need to order more paint. I like the piece alot. How's the back patient doing?


Jeannie said...

I love how the colors of the Sister's piece is echoed in the zinnas! They are one of my favorite flowers.